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New Books

Runnin Runnin' with the devil : a backstage pass to the wild times, loud rock, and the down and dirty truth behind the making of Van Halen
Monk, Noel E., author.
Exposed Exposed
Scottoline, Lisa, author.
Seeing red Seeing red
Brown, Sandra, 1948- author.
Rizzoli & Isles : I know a secret : a novel Rizzoli & Isles : I know a secret : a novel
Gerritsen, Tess, author.
Ghost cat Ghost cat
Bunting, Eve, 1928- author.
I wish I were an animal I wish I were an animal
Sorani, Kristin
The store The store
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Resilient grieving : finding strength and embracing life after a loss that changes everything Resilient grieving : finding strength and embracing life after a loss that changes everything
Hone, Lucy, author.
Pause : harnessing the life-changing power of giving yourself a break Pause : harnessing the life-changing power of giving yourself a break
O'Meara, Rachael, author.
Ascension of larks Ascension of larks
Linden, Rachel, author.
The idea of you The idea of you
Lee, Robinne, 1974- author.
Trusting Grace : a novel Trusting Grace : a novel
Brendan, Maggie, 1949- author.
Fatal mistake : a novel Fatal mistake : a novel
Sleeman, Susan, author.
Amish brides Amish brides
An Amish summer : four novellas An Amish summer : four novellas
Beneath the apple leaves Beneath the apple leaves
Verna, Harmony, author.
The black muldoon : a western trio The black muldoon : a western trio
Brand, Max, 1892-1944, author.
The portrait The portrait
Laurain, Antoine, author.
Chinese astrology : plain & simple : the only book you Chinese astrology : plain & simple : the only book you'll ever need
Dee, Jonathan, 1957-2010, author.
The Pinks : the first women detectives, operatives, and spies with the Pinkerton National Detective Agency The Pinks : the first women detectives, operatives, and spies with the Pinkerton National Detective Agency
Enss, Chris, 1961- author.
She changed comics : the untold story of the women who changed free expression in comics She changed comics : the untold story of the women who changed free expression in comics
Human Kidney Model on stand 3B Scientific
Froggy goes to Grandma Froggy goes to Grandma's
London, Jonathan, 1947- author.
What do you say, dear? What do you say, dear?
Joslin, Sesyle.
Rosie Revere Rosie Revere's big project book for bold engineers
Beaty, Andrea, author.
El niño que amaba a la luna El niño que amaba a la luna
Alaimo, Rino, author, illustrator.
Lincoln Lincoln's bodyguard : a novel
Turner, TJ, author.
The Graybar Hotel : stories The Graybar Hotel : stories
Dawkins, Curtis, author.
The big break : the greatest American WWII POW escape story never told The big break : the greatest American WWII POW escape story never told
Dando-Collins, Stephen, author.
Casa Marcela : recipes and food stories of my life in the Californias Casa Marcela : recipes and food stories of my life in the Californias
Valladolid, Marcela, author.
Cat castles : 20 cardboard habitats you can build yourself Cat castles : 20 cardboard habitats you can build yourself
Oliver, Carin, author.
The hormone boost : how to power up your 6 essential hormones for strength, energy, and weight loss The hormone boost : how to power up your 6 essential hormones for strength, energy, and weight loss
Turner, Natasha (Natasha S.), author.
The literature book The literature book
The Marines in World War II The Marines in World War II
Haskew, Michael E., author.
More-with-less cookbook More-with-less cookbook
Longacre, Doris Janzen.
Surpassing certainty : what my twenties taught me Surpassing certainty : what my twenties taught me
Mock, Janet, 1983- author.
The unwomanly face of war : an oral history of women in World War II The unwomanly face of war : an oral history of women in World War II
Aleksievich, Svetlana, 1948- author.
Shake it up : great American writing on rock and pop from Elvis to Jay Z Shake it up : great American writing on rock and pop from Elvis to Jay Z
The West Point history of the Civil War The West Point history of the Civil War
The West Point history of World War II. Volume 1 The West Point history of World War II. Volume 1
United States Military Academy, author.
Young radicals : in the war for American ideals Young radicals : in the war for American ideals
McCarter, Jeremy, 1976- author.
Olive and the embarrassing gift Olive and the embarrassing gift
Freeman, Tor, author, illustrator.
Second chances Second chances
Tripp, Valerie, 1951- author.
Alzheimer disease sourcebook : basic consumer health information about Alzheimer disease and other forms of dementia, including mild cognitive impairment, corticobasal degeneration, dementia with lewy bodies, frontotemporal dementia,  Huntington disease, Alzheimer disease sourcebook : basic consumer health information about Alzheimer disease and other forms of dementia, including mild cognitive impairment, corticobasal degeneration, dementia with lewy bodies, frontotemporal dementia, Huntington disease,
Dust tracks on a road : the restored text established by the Library of America Dust tracks on a road : the restored text established by the Library of America
Hurston, Zora Neale.
College handbook 2018 : includes every accredited college in the U.S. College handbook 2018 : includes every accredited college in the U.S.
The complete IEP guide : how to advocate for your special ed child The complete IEP guide : how to advocate for your special ed child
Siegel, Lawrence M., 1946- author.
Daring to drive : a Saudi woman Daring to drive : a Saudi woman's awakening
Sharif, Manal, 1979- author
Hannibal Hannibal
Hunt, Patrick, author.
I need a lifeguard everywhere but the pool I need a lifeguard everywhere but the pool
Scottoline, Lisa, author.
In the midnight hour : the life & soul of Wilson Pickett
Fletcher, Tony, author.
iCompete : how my extraordinary strategy for winning can be yours
Hewitt, John T., author.
The infographic guide to science
Cabot, Tom, author.
My father and Atticus Finch : a lawyer's fight for justice in 1930s Alabama
Beck, Joseph Madison, author.
Made for love : a novel
Nutting, Alissa, author.
A deadly betrothal
Buckley, Fiona, author.
Where the light falls : a novel of the French Revolution
Pataki, Allison, author.
Only love can heal
Harris, Rosie, 1925- author.
The lighthouse handbook : west coast : including Alaska, Hawaii, and British Columbia
D'Entremont, Jeremy, author.
The physics of everyday things : the extraordinary science behind an ordinary day
Kakalios, James, 1958- author.
Then sings my soul
Morgan, Robert J., 1952- author.
Fabio's 30-minute Italian : over 100 fabulous, quick and easy recipes
Viviani, Fabio, author.
Glamour, Gidgets, and the girl next door : television's iconic women from the 50s, 60s, and 70s
Pilato, Herbie J., author.
The history book
How computers work : the evolution of technology
White, Ron, 1944- author.
Can it & ferment it : more than 75 satisfying small-batch canning and fermentation recipes for the whole year
Thurow, Stephanie, author.
The long reach of the Sixties : LBJ, Nixon, and the making of the contemporary Supreme Court
Kalman, Laura, 1955- author.
Reading with Patrick : a teacher, a student, and a life-changing friendship
Kuo, Michelle author.
Barely legal
Woods, Stuart, author.
The color of fear
Muller, Marcia, author.
La luz entre los océanos
Stedman, M. L., author.
We are never meeting in real life : essays
Irby, Samantha author.
It happens in the Hamptons : a novel
Peterson, Holly, author.
Encircling : a novel
Tiller, Carl Frode, 1970- author.
The happiest kids in the world : how Dutch parents help their kids (and themselves) by doing less
Acosta, Rina Mae, author.
The ABC's of LGBT+
Mardell, Ashley, author.
Culdesac : a novella from the war with no name
Repino, Robert, author.
The plot to hack America : how Putin'’s cyberspies and Wikileaks tried to steal the 2016 election
Nance, Malcolm W., author.
Oakes, Colleen, author.
Composting basics : all the skills and tools you need to get started
Ebeling, Eric, author.
The grant writing and funding coach : target and acquire the funds you need : how individuals, nonprofits, local governments, and community organizations build bridges with funders
Griffiths, Deborah, author.
The China study family cookbook : 100 recipes to bring your family to the plant-based table
Sroufe, Del, author.
Living with cancer : a step-by-step guide for coping medically and emotionally with a serious diagnosis
Jackson, Vicki A., 1968- author.
Showstoppers! : the surprising backstage stories of Broadway's most remarkable songs
Nachman, Gerald, author.
Apple cider vinegar : nature's most versatile and powerful remedy
Trivieri, Larry, 1956- author.
Vegan food for the rest of us : recipes even you will love
Hodgman, Ann, author.
Hello origami : 30 fun and easy origami designs for secret notes and special messages
Mizutama, author.
350+ crochet tips, techniques, and trade secrets
Eaton, Jan, author.
The Outdoor adventure cookbook : the official cookbook from the ultimate camping authority.
Human Origins of the Nerves in the Spinal Cord Model case and laminated Key
Human Ear Model 3 parts with laminated key Denoyer Geppert
Human Larynx Model Erler Zimmer 3 parts with laminated key
Here comes teacher Cat
Underwood, Deborah, author.
The Paris spy
MacNeal, Susan Elia, author.
The circus train conspiracy
Marston, Edward, author.
The bridgebusters : the true story of the Catch-22 Bomb Wing
Cleaver, Thomas McKelvey, author.
Written out of history : the forgotten founders who fought big government
Lee, Mike, 1971- author.
Captivate : the science of succeeding with people
Edwards, Vanessa van, author.
Never call me a hero : a legendary American dive-bomber pilot remembers the Battle of Midway
Kleiss, N. Jack, author.
Nabokov's favorite word is mauve : what the numbers reveal about the classics, bestsellers, and our own writing
Blatt, Ben, author.
Steadfast love
Chandler, Lauren, author.
Paris in color
Robertson, Nichole.
What to eat for how you feel : the New Ayurvedic kitchen
Alter, Divya, author.
War paint : Madame Helena Rubinstein and Miss Elizabeth Arden : their lives, their times, their rivalry
Woodhead, Lindy.
Houck, Colleen, author.
Dragon gets by
Pilkey, Dav, 1966-
Secret Ninja Force
March, Julia, author.
Thomson, Sarah L., author.
The arts : a visual encyclopedia
Hodge, Susie, 1960- author.
Kelly, James F. (James Floyd) author.
Don't read this book before bed : thrills, chills, and hauntingly true stories
Claybourne, Anna, author.
Hunt, Emily M., author.
The great penguin rescue : saving the African penguins
Markle, Sandra, author.
My book of rocks and minerals
Dennie, Devin.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg : the case of R.B.G. vs. inequality
Winter, Jonah, 1962- author.
Who is Pope Francis?
Spinner, Stephanie, author.
What makes a monster? : discovering the world's scariest creatures
Keating, Jess, author.
Delisle, Guy, author.
The happiness advantage : the seven principles of positive psychology that fuel success and performance at work
Achor, Shawn.
Dinglehoppers and thingamabobs
Crouse, Livingstone, author.
Scripts : elegant lettering from design's golden age
Heller, Steven.
Sign painters
Levine, Faythe, 1977-
See San Francisco : through the lens of SFGirlbyBay
Smith, Victoria, 1959- author.
When wanderers cease to roam : a traveler's journal of staying put
Swift, Vivian.
The small big : small changes that spark big influence
Martin, Steve J., author.
Bodywise : discovering your body's intelligence for lifelong health and healing
Abrams, Rachel Carlton, author.
Cosmic commandos
Eliopoulos, Chris, 1983- author, illustrator.
Guardians of the galaxy. Volume 1, Road to Knowhere
Isenberg, Marty, author.
Guardians of the galaxy. Volume 2, Knowhere to run
Isenberg, Marty, author.
Guardians of the galaxy. Volume 3, One in a million you
Melching, Steven, author.
Guardians of the galaxy. Volume 4, Take the Milano and run
Robinson, Andrew R., author.
Guardians of the galaxy. Volume 5, Can't fight this seedling
McDermott, David, author.
Guardians of the galaxy. Volume 6, Undercover angle
Griffin, Marsha, author.
The legend of Zelda. Twilight princess, 2
Himekawa, Akira, author, illustrator.
Stone of tears
Goodkind, Terry.
Soul of the fire
Goodkind, Terry.
The strange case of the alchemist's daughter
Goss, Theodora, author.
Who is Rich? : a novel
Klam, Matthew, author.
Wyoming bride
Johnston, Joan, 1948-
August Snow
Jones, Stephen Mack, author.
Alliance of equals
Lee, Sharon, 1952- author.
The secret diary of Hendrik Groen
Groen, Hendrik, author.
Pacific burn : a thriller
Lancet, Barry, author.
The shroud conspiracy : a novel
Heubusch, John, author.
The punch escrow
Klein, Tal M., author.
An atlas of countries that don't exist : a compendium of fifty unrecognized and largely unnoticed states
Middleton, Nick, cartographer, author.
Democracy in chains : the deep history of the radical right's stealth plan for America
MacLean, Nancy, author.
The destruction of Hillary Clinton
Bordo, Susan, 1947- author.
The face : a time code
Ozeki, Ruth L., author.
Gratitude works! : a twenty-one-day program for creating emotional prosperity
Emmons, Robert A., author.
Getting naked : a business fable about shedding the three fears that sabotage client loyalty
Lencioni, Patrick, 1965-
Another way to climb a tree
Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton, author.
Waylon! : one awesome thing
Pennypacker, Sara, 1951- author.
Kaufman, Suzanne, author.
Happy go ducky
Haskins, Lori.
Mama Lion wins the race
Muth, Jon J., author, illustrator.
Woollvin, Bethan, author, illustrator.
Watch me throw the ball!
Willems, Mo.
The Arthurian legends : an illustrated anthology
Lenin on the Train
Merridale, Catherine, 1959- author.
Guinness world records 2006
A peace divided
Huff, Tanya, author.
Any dream will do : a novel
Macomber, Debbie, author.
The good daughter : a novel
Slaughter, Karin, 1971- author.
The last Tudor
Gregory, Philippa, author.
Betty Boop
Langridge, Roger, author.
Nourishing fats : why we need animal fats for health and happiness
Fallon, Sally, author.
How to brew : everything you need to know to brew great beer every time
Palmer, John J., 1963- author.
Colored pencil painting portraits : master a revolutionary method for rendering depth and imitating life
Nickelsen, Alyona, author.
The medical examiner : a Women's murder club story
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
The dolls
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
A to Z 2014 : Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport
Cowgirl chef : Texas cooking with a French accent
Pierce, Ellise.
Canyon de Chelly : the story behind the scenery
Supplee, Charles.
Petrified forest, the story behind the scenery
Ash. Sidney R., 1928-
Guinness world records 2008
Guinness world records 2010
Guinness world records, 2007.
Guinness World Records 2013
The United States government manual 2016
United States. Office of the Federal Register.
Do I make myself clear? : why writing well matters
Evans, Harold, 1928- author.
The tech-wise family : everyday steps for putting technology in its proper place
Crouch, Andy, author.
Scholarship handbook 2018.
Peterson's scholarships, grants & prizes 2018.
The Moores are missing : thrillers
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Animal, vegetable, miracle : a year of food life
Kingsolver, Barbara, author.
The darkest corner
Hart, Liliana, author.
Florio, Gwen, 1955- author.
Once broken faith : an October Daye novel
McGuire, Seanan, author.
Killing thyme
Budewitz, Leslie, author.
Caramel crush
McKinlay, Jenn, author.
Lions and tigers and murder, oh my
Swanson, Denise, author.
The stepchild
Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author.
Little kids first big book of things that go
De Seve, Karen, author.
Black privilege : opportunity comes to those who create it
Tha God, Charlamagne, 1980- author.
Skip beat! [Vol. 1]
Nakamura, Yoshiki.
The sea runners
Doig, Ivan.
Connecting the drops : a citizens' guide to protecting water resources
Schneller-McDonald, Karen, author.
Ida B. Wells : social reformer and activist
DuRocher, Kristina, author.
People, forests, and change : lessons from the Pacific Northwest
Aldo Leopold's Odyssey
Newton, Julianne Lutz, author.
Holistic management : a commonsense revolution to restore our environment
Savory, Allan, 1935- author.
Spirit of the horse : a celebration in fact and fable
Shatner, William, author.
De Campi, Alex, author.
Bloom county. Episode XI, A new hope
Breathed, Berke, author, illustrator.
A big day for baseball
Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
Under the pong pong tree
Levey, Hal, author.
Keeping it living : traditions of plant use and cultivation on the Northwest Coast of North America
The Pale House
McCallin, Luke, 1972- author.
Log horizon. 8, The larks take flight
Touno, Mamare, author.
The devil is a part-timer! 7
Wagahara, Satoshi, author.
The dogs of war
Forsyth, Frederick, 1938- author.
The stricken field
Duncan, Dave, 1933- author.
Beneath a scarlet sky : a novel
Sullivan, Mark T., author.
Raisins and almonds
Greenwood, Kerry, author.
Bamboo and blood
Church, James, 1947-
Hidden moon : an Inspector O novel
Church, James.
Modern girls
Brown, Jennifer S. (Jennifer Sue), 1968- author.
Zero-G. Book one : a novel
Shatner, William, author.
On love's gentle shore : a novel
Johnson, Liz, 1981- author.
Egypt's sister : a novel of Cleopatra
Hunt, Angela Elwell, 1957- author.
It's who you know : how a network of 12 key people can fast-track your success
Garner, Janine, author.
When we were birds : poems
Wilkins, Joe, author.
Bad luck and trouble : a Jack Reacher novel
Child, Lee.
The moon in the palace
Randel, Weina Dai, author.
The philosophy book
Adobe Illustrator CC on Demand
Johnson, Steve
Magic in the city
Dyer, Heather, 1970- author.
Larsen, Andrew, 1960- author.
The thing Lou couldn't do
Spires, Ashley, 1978- author, illustrator.
The banana-leaf ball : how play can change the world
Milway, Katie Smith, 1960- author.
Mr. Postmouse takes a trip
Dubuc, Marianne, 1980-
The last tree
Chabbert, Ingrid, author.
The promise of dawn
Snelling, Lauraine, author.
Storm chasing
Keane, David, 1965- author.
Attack of the shadow-crafters : an unofficial minecrafter's adventure
Cheverton, Mark, author.
Colette's lost pet
Arsenault, Isabelle, 1978- author, illustrator.
The moonlight mystery
Harrison, Paula, author.
Settle the score
Morgan, Alex (Alexandra Patricia) 1989- author.
Shaken up
Morgan, Alex (Alexandra Patricia), 1989- author.
Under pressure
Morgan, Alex (Alexandra Patricia), 1989- author.
Genius : the con
Gout, Leopoldo, author.
Double bind : women on ambition
Make your bed : little things that can change your life...and maybe the world
McRaven, William H. (William Harry), 1955- author.
4th rock from the Sun : the story of Mars
Jenner, Nicky, author.
The flight : Charles Lindbergh's daring and immortal 1927 transatlantic crossing
Hampton, Dan, author.
The loyal son : the war in Ben Franklin's house
Epstein, Daniel Mark, author.
The good earth, a graphic adaptation by Nick Bertozzi
Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973.
River under the road
Spencer, Scott, author.
Red sky
Goff, Chris, author.
White fur : a novel
Libaire, Jardine, author.
The Templars' last secret : a Bruno, Chief of Police novel
Walker, Martin, 1947 January 23- author.
The whole way home
Creech, Sarah, author.
The daughter of Sherlock Holmes
Goldberg, Leonard S., author.
Land of wolves : the return of Lincoln's bodyguard
Turner, TJ, author.
The girl who was taken
Donlea, Charlie, author.
Lonesome lies before us : a novel
Lee, Don, 1959- author.
The last iota
Kroese, Robert, author.
No turning back : a novel
Buchanan, Tracy, author.
Mad : a novel
Esposito, Chloé J. author.
The boy's body book
Dunham, Kelli S., author.
The girl's body book
Dunham, Kelli S., author.
Nerdy Birdy tweets
Reynolds, Aaron, 1970- author.
This beautiful day
Jackson, Richard, 1935- author.
Live from Cairo : a novel
Bassingthwaighte, Ian, author.
Perish from the Earth
Putnam, Jonathan F., author.
Modern gods
Laird, Nick, 1975- author.
Eisenstadt, Jill, 1963- author.
The sisters chase
Healy, Sarah, 1977- author.
Trophy son
Brunt, Douglas, author.
Talon of god
Snipes, Wesley, author.
The waking land
Bates, Callie, author.
Unquiet ghosts : a novel
Meade, Glenn, 1957- author.
The day of the duchess
MacLean, Sarah, author.
Conversations with friends : (a novel)
Rooney, Sally, author.
Vibrant India : fresh vegetarian recipes from Bangalore to Brooklyn
Agrawal, Chitra, author.
The voice of America : Lowell Thomas and the invention of 20th-century journalism
Stephens, Mitchell, author.
Comics Squad. Detention!
The art book
Jane Austen at home : a biography
Worsley, Lucy, author.
Royal crush
Cabot, Meg, author, illustrator.
Death on Delos
Corby, Gary, author.
Death on Nantucket
Mathews, Francine, author.
The devil's muse
Loehfelm, Bill, author.
Disasters in the first world : stories
Clare, Olivia, 1982- author.
The one hundred nights of hero : a graphic novel
Greenberg, Isabel, author.
Fierce kingdom
Phillips, Gin, author.
Flesh and bone and water : a novel
Sauma, Luiza, author.
Fitness junkie : a novel
Sykes, Lucy, author.
The fourth monkey
Barker, J. D. (Jonathan Dylan), 1971- author.
Flood : a novel
Young, Melissa Scholes, author.
The gypsy moth summer
Fierro, Julia, author.
A french wedding : a novel
Tunnicliffe, Hannah, 1979- author.
Hum if you don't know the words
Marais, Bianca, 1976- author.
The half-drowned king : a novel
Hartsuyker, Linnea, author.
Bad dreams and other stories
Hadley, Tessa, author.
Indian summer
Willett, Marcia, author.
Catching the wind
Dobson, Melanie, author.
Bread of angels
Afshar, Tessa, author.
City of masks
Sykes, S. D., author.
The city always wins
Hamilton, Omar Robert, 1984- author.
We'll always have Casablanca : the life, legend, and afterlife of Hollywood's most beloved movie / Noah Isenberg.
Isenberg, Noah William author.
Cold hearted river
McCafferty, Keith, author.
Black Dahlia
Geary, Rick, author, illustrator.
Crab : 50 recipes with the fresh taste of the sea from the Pacific, Atlantic & Gulf Coasts / Cynthia Nims ; photography by Jim Henkens.
Nims, Cynthia C., author.
How to draw dogs and puppies : a complete guide for beginners
Amberlyn, J. C., author.
Incendiary : the psychiatrist, the mad bomber, and the invention of criminal profiling
Cannell, Michael T., author.
The last shift : poems
Levine, Philip, 1928-2015, author.
It's all absolutely fine : life is complicated so i've drawn it instead
Elliot, Ruby (Author), author.
On her majesty's frightfully secret service
Bowen, Rhys, author.
Human body!
Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
Attack on Titan. 22
Isayama, Hajime, 1986- author.
Herbert's first Halloween
Rylant, Cynthia, author.
Mighty Moby
DaCosta, Barbara, author.
Whose moon is that?
Krans, Kim, author, illustrator.
Miles Morales : Spider-Man
Reynolds, Jason, author.
See what I have done
Schmidt, Sarah, 1979 Sept. 10- author.
Goodnight, goodnight, construction site : let's go!
Rinker, Sherri Duskey, author.
No mortal thing
Seymour, Gerald, author.
Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- author.
Nothing stays buried
Tracy, P. J., author.
Spot goes to the fire station
Hill, Eric, 1927-2014, author.
Tiny Tim
Klimo, Kate, author.
Gone gull
Andrews, Donna, author.
Better together : a book of family
Joosse, Barbara M., author.
I'm a police officer
Biggs, Brian, author, illustrator.
The Losers Club
Clements, Andrew, 1949- author.
Shark attack!
March, Julia, author.
Shadow girl
Schmitt, Gerry, author.
Buddy and Earl go to school
Fergus, Maureen, author.
Brave deeds : a novel
Abrams, David, 1963- author.
Crime scene : a novel
Kellerman, Jonathan, author.
Say zoop!
Tullet, Hervé, author.
Untamed : the wildest woman in America and the fight for Cumberland Island
Harlan, Will, author.
Flawless : a pretty little liars novel
Shepard, Sara, 1977-
Unbelievable : a pretty little liars novel
Shepard, Sara, 1977-
The summer I wasn't me
Verdi, Jessica, author.
Saint Christopher and the gravedigger
Cookson, Catherine, author.
The year we fell apart
Martin, Emily, 1987- author.
Kennedy and King : the President, the pastor, and the battle over civil rights
Levingston, Steven, author.
The ultimate scholarship book 2018 : billions of dollars in scholarships, grants and prizes
Woolly : the true story of the quest to revive one of history's most iconic extinct creatures
Mezrich, Ben, 1969- author.
The sleep solution : why your sleep is broken and how to fix it
Winter, W. Chris, author.
Sting like a bee : Muhammad Ali vs. the United States of America, 1966-1971
Montville, Leigh, author.
Understanding Trump
Gingrich, Newt, author.
The Whole30 cookbook : 150 delicious and totally compliant recipes to help you succeed with the Whole30 and beyond
Hartwig, Melissa, author.
5-minute hairstyles : 50 super quick 'dos to wear and go
Strebe, Jenny, author.
Atomic adventures : secret islands, forgotten N-rays, and isotopic murder: a journey into the wild world of nuclear science
Mahaffey, James A., author.
Born bright : a young girl's journey from nothing to something in America
Mason, C. Nicole, 1976- author.
The big book of braiding : 55 elegant and stylish braids for every occasion
Deasismont, Danielle, author.
Acorns to great oaks : meditations for children
Delanote, Marie, author.
Otis Redding : an unfinished life
Gould, Jonathan, 1951- author.
A talent for murder : a novel
Wilson, Andrew, 1967- author.
Secrets of the tulip sisters
Mallery, Susan, author.
Zero sum
Eisler, Barry, author.
You should have left
Kehlmann, Daniel, 1975- author.
Beach house for rent
Monroe, Mary Alice, author.
The Alexander inheritance
Flint, Eric, author.
The child
Barton, Fiona, author.
Beautiful animals : a novel
Osborne, Lawrence, 1958- author.
Sonata : a memoir of pain and the piano
Avery, Andrea, author.
Return to glory : the story of Ford's revival and victory at the toughest race in the world
Debord, Matthew, author.
A stitch of time : the year a brain injury changed my language and life
Marks, Lauren, author.
Sons and soldiers : the untold story of the Jews who escaped the Nazis and returned with the U.S. Army to fight Hitler
Henderson, Bruce B., 1946- author.
The show that never ends : the rise and fall of prog rock
Weigel, David, 1981- author.
The swamp : Washington's murky pool of corruption and cronyism and how Trump can drain it
Bolling, Eric, author.
This is just my face : try not to stare
Sidibe, Gabourey author.
The wellness project : how I learned to do right by my body, without giving up my life
Lapine, Phoebe, author.
The 15:17 to Paris : the true story of a terrorist, a train, and three American heroes
Sadler, Anthony, author.
The Ayurveda way : 108 practices from the world's oldest healing system for better sleep, less stress, optimal digestion, and more
Ajmera, Ananta Ripa, author.
Jimmy Buffett : a good life all the way
White, Ryan (Journalist) author.
Goethe : life as a work of art
Safranski, Rüdiger, author.
October : the story of the Russian Revolution
Miéville, China, author.
MacArthur's spies : the soldier, the singer, and the spymaster who defied the Japanese in World War II
Eisner, Peter, author.
An outlaw and a lady : a memoir of music, life with Waylon, and the faith that brought me home
Colter, Jessi, author.
The operator : firing the shots that killed Osama bin Laden and my years as a SEAL Team warrior
O'Neill, Robert, 1976- author.
Rediscovering Americanism : and the tyranny of progressivism
Levin, Mark R. (Mark Reed), 1957- author.
The big lie : exposing the Nazi roots of the American left
D'Souza, Dinesh, 1961- author.
Biology for dummies
Kratz, René Fester, author.
Caesar's last breath : decoding the secrets of the air around us
Kean, Sam, author.
Death need not be fatal
McCourt, Malachy, 1931- author.
Fall down 7 times get up 8 : a young man's voice from the silence of autism
Higashida, Naoki, 1992- author.
Getting financial aid 2018
Real estate licensing exams
Modglin, Raymond D., author.
Life debt
Wendig, Chuck, author.
Hello, Sunshine : a novel
Dave, Laura, author.
Pages for her
Brownrigg, Sylvia, author.
The light we lost
Santopolo, Jill, author.
The reason you're alive : a novel
Quick, Matthew, 1973- author.
Quiet until the thaw : a novel
Fuller, Alexandra, 1969- author.
Jem and the Holograms. Volume 3, Dark Jem
Thompson, Kelly, 1976- author.
Refuge : a novel
Nayeri, Dina, author.
Through the shadowlands : a science writer's odyssey into an illness science doesn't understand
Rehmeyer, Julie, author.
Transgender children and youth : cultivating pride and joy with families in transition
Nealy, Elijah C., author.
American originality : essays on poetry
Glück, Louise, 1943- author.
Chuck Klosterman X : a highly specific, defiantly incomplete history of the early 21st century
Klosterman, Chuck, 1972- author.
He calls me by lightning : the life of Caliph Washington and the forgotten saga of Jim Crow, southern justice, and the death penalty
Bass, S. Jonathan, author.
A little book on form : an exploration into the formal imagination of poetry
Hass, Robert, author.
Jackie's girl : my life with the Kennedy family
McKeon, Kathy, author.
Nolo's Encyclopedia of everyday law : answers to your most frequently asked legal questions
Standard catalog of firearms, 2017 : the collector's price & reference guide
The lost ones
Kamal, Sheena, author.
Bear counts
Wilson, Karma, author.
Peanut butter's delicious colors
Border, Terry, 1965- author.
Monster time!
Moore, Julianne, author.
Amazon adventure : how tiny fish are saving the world's largest rainforest
Montgomery, Sy, author.
Children's illustrated world atlas
Adams, Simon, 1955- author.
Food like mine.
Growing friendships : a kid's guide to making and keeping friends
Kennedy-Moore, Eileen, author.
Kids' guide to fishing : the young angler's guide to catching more and bigger fish
Maas, Dave, author.
What would happen?
Boyer, Crispin, author.
Who was Andrew Jackson?
Yacka, Douglas, author.
Zip! zoom! on a broom
Sloat, Teri, author.
Chengdu can do
Saltzberg, Barney, author, illustrator.
Counting with tiny cat
Schwarz, Viviane, author, illustrator.
Grimelda and the Spooktacular Pet Show
Murray, Diana, author.
Halloween good night
Grabill, Rebecca, author.
How it feels to be a boat
Kwan, James, author, illustrator.
I want to be in a scary story
Taylor, Sean, 1965- author.
5-minute Little Critter stories
Mayer, Mercer, 1943- author, illustrator.
Marigold bakes a cake
Malbrough, Mike, author, illustrator.
Motor Goose : rhymes that go!
Colby, Rebecca, 1968- author.
Someone like me
MacLachlan, Patricia, author.
Stay : a girl, a dog, a bucket list
Klise, Kate, author.
Tool school
Holub, Joan, author.
Whobert whover, owl detective
Gallaher, Jason, author.
My little pony friends forever. Volume 9
Zahler, Thomas F., author.
How to get a teacher ready
Reagan, Jean, 1965- author.
Kids' guide to camping : all you need to know about having fun in the outdoors
Winner, Cherie, author.
Stick dog craves candy
Watson, Tom (Children's story writer) author.
Alola region handbook.
Ariel makes waves
Marsham, Liz, author.
Ghost of a chance
Schmid, Susan Maupin, author.
Katana at Super Hero High
Yee, Lisa, author.
Lights, camera, cook!
Harper, Charise Mericle, author.
The mysterious message
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
One for sorrow : a ghost story
Hahn, Mary Downing, author.
Gratz, Alan, 1972- author.
Rosabella and the three bears
Finn, Perdita, author.
Al Franken, giant of the Senate
Franken, Al, author.
American eclipse : a nation's epic race to catch the shadow of the moon and win the glory of the world
Baron, David, 1964- author.
Back pocket pasta : inspired dinners to cook on the fly
Henry, Colu.
The bright hour : a memoir of living and dying
Riggs, Nina, author.
Ernest Hemingway : a biography
Dearborn, Mary V., author.
Classic style : hand it down, dress it up, wear it out
Schelter, Kate, author.
The fact of a body : a murder and a memoir
Marzano-Lesnevich, Alexandria, author.
A house full of females : plural marriage and women's rights in early Mormonism, 1835-1870
Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher, 1938- author.
Hue 1968 : a turning point of the American war in Vietnam
Bowden, Mark, 1951-
I can't make this up : life lessons
Hart, Kevin, 1979- author.
All about eggs : everything we know about the world's most important food
Khong, Rachel, 1985- author.
A man for all markets : from Las Vegas to Wall Street, how I beat the dealer and the market
Thorp, Edward O., author.
The spy across the table
Lancet, Barry, author.
Chemistry : a novel
Wang, Weike, author.
The chalk artist : a novel
Goodman, Allegra, author.
Do not become alarmed : a novel
Meloy, Maile, author.
The day after Gettysburg
Conroy, Robert (Joseph Robert), 1938-2014, author.
Midnight at the Bright Ideas bookstore : a novel
Sullivan, Matthew, 1970- author.
A house among the trees
Glass, Julia, 1956- author.
Once in a Blue Moon Lodge : a novel
Landvik, Lorna, 1954- author.
A most novel revenge
Weaver, Ashley, author.
Rich people problems : a novel
Kwan, Kevin, author.
The refrigerator monologues
Valente, Catherynne M., 1979- author.
Mycorrhizal planet : how symbiotic fungi work with roots to support plant health and build soil fertility
Phillips, Michael, 1957- author.
The rise and fall of D.O.D.O.
Stephenson, Neal, author.
No is not enough : resisting Trump's shock politics and winning the world we need
Klein, Naomi, 1970- author.
Papi : my story
Ortiz, David, 1975- author.
Odd birds
Harding, Ian, 1986- author.
Something new : tales from a makeshift bride
Knisley, Lucy, author, illustrator.
Rising star : the making of Barack Obama
Garrow, David J., 1953- author.
When you find out the world is against you : and other funny memories about awful moments
Oxford, Kelly, author.
There's a mystery there : the primal vision of Maurice Sendak
Cott, Jonathan, author.
Pokemon, omega ruby, alpha sapphire. Vol. 4
Kusaka, Hidenori, author.
Pokémon X Y. 11
Kusaka, Hidenori, author.
The sands of Shark Island
McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- author.
The last rhinos : my battle to save one of the world's greatest creatures
Anthony, Lawrence.
The ancient magus' bride. 7
Yamazaki, Kore, author, illustrator.
Never never
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Killing floor
Child, Lee.
The last time I saw Paris
Sheene, Lynn.
Scego, Igiaba, 1974- author.
Adobe Indesign CC on Demand
Johnson, Steve
New Perspectives on HTML and CSS: Comprehensive
Carey, Patrick M
the vegetable gardens of the building project
Only one you
Kranz, Linda, 1955-
If I could keep you little--
Richmond, Marianne, author ; illustrator.
Love. Volume 1, The tiger
Brrémaud, Frédéric, author.
Goth girl and the fete worse than death
Riddell, Chris, author.
Concepts of Physics with Linear Momentum and DC Circuits
OER Rittenbach, Dusty Ed
The painted queen
Peters, Elizabeth, 1927-2013, author.
Let the dead speak
Casey, Jane (Jane E.), author.
Monsters unleashed
Kloepfer, John, author.
Black, Saul, author.
Every day above ground
Hamilton, Glen Erik, author.
Hello goodbye dog
Gianferrari, Maria, author.
Twilight Princess, 1
Himekawa, Akira, author, illustrator.
Kimi ni todoke. Vol. 26 = From me to you
Shiina, Karuho, author, illustrator.
Jem and the Holograms. Volume 2 Viral
Thompson, Kelly, 1976- author.
Jem and the Holograms. Showtime
Thompson, Kelly, 1976- author.
Duck, duck, dinosaur : perfect pumpkin
George, K. (Kallie), 1983- author.
Flat Stanley and the missing pumpkins
Houran, Lori Haskins, author.
Fairy tail. 61
Mashima, Hiro, 1977- author, illustrator.
Blue exorcist. 17
Katō, Kazue, 1980- author, illustrator.
Freedom's slave
Demetrios, Heather, author.
Jem and the Holograms. Volume 5, Totally outrageous
Thompson, Kelly, 1976- author.
Jem and the Holograms. Volume 4, Enter the Stingers
Thompson, Kelly, 1976- author.
Jack and the beanstalk and the french fries
Teague, Mark, author, illustrator.
Wolverine. Old man Logan
The love interest
Dietrich, Cale, author.
Daniel visits the doctor
Friedman, Becky, author.
Daniel's first fireworks
Friedman, Becky, author.
Dark Saturday : a novel
French, Nicci, author.
Black, Jenna, author.
Gather the daughters : a novel
Melamed, Jennie, author.
Age of swords
Sullivan, Michael J., 1961- author.
Beanstalker and other hilarious scary tales
White, Kiersten, author.
Ninja in the kitchen
Flowers, Luke, author, illustrator.
Darkness of dragons
Sutherland, Tui, 1978- author.
Orenstein, Denise Gosliner, 1950- author.
The haunted dinosaur
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
The force oversleeps
Krosoczka, Jarrett, author.
Blue exorcist. 16
Katō, Kazue, 1980- author, illustrator.
A distant view of everything
McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- author.
Assassin's price
Modesitt, L. E., Jr., 1943- author.
Dark rites
Graham, Heather, author.
Fairstein, Linda A., author.
Drawdown : the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming
Gardeners of Eden : rediscovering our importance to nature
Dagget, Dan, 1944- author.
Conquer negative thinking for teens : a workbook to break the nine thought habits that are holding you back
Alvord, Mary Karapetian, author.
Saints and strangers
Carter, Angela, 1940-
Grace to the finish
Hyzy, Julie A., author.
A ghostly light
Blackwell, Juliet, author.
Starcraft : evolution
Zahn, Timothy, author.
Campbell, Jack.
Lost fleet. Valiant
Campbell, Jack.
First strike
Nylund, Eric S.
New York, actually
Morgan, Sarah, 1948- author.
Forbidden knowledge : the gap into vision
Donaldson, Stephen R.
Heart on the line
Witemeyer, Karen, author.
The lost fleet. Fearless
Campbell, Jack.
The white spell
Kurland, Lynn, author.
The captain's daughter
Delamere, Jennifer, author.
Hel's storm
Keith, K. A., author.
Barrett Fuller's secret : a novel
Carter, Scott, 1975-
A series of small maneuvers
Treichel, Eliot, author.
Too deep for words : a Civil War novel
Boeshaar, Andrea, author.
Paradise valley
Box, C. J., author.
Little tails wildlife adventures. Volume 4, Little tails in prehistory with Chipper & Squizzo
Brrémaud, Frédéric, author.
Dangerous nights.
Part of the bargain ; and, a wife for a Westmoreland
Miller, Linda Lael, author.
Tomorrow's promise ; &, Above and beyond
Brown, Sandra, 1948- author.
Keeper of the castle
Blackwell, Juliet, author.
Home for the haunting
Blackwell, Juliet, author.
Campbell, Jack.
Campbell, Jack.
A crime of passion fruit
Alexander, Ellie, author.
Awaken me darkly
Showalter, Gena.
Original skin
Mark, David John, 1977- author.
The enemy : a Reacher novel
Child, Lee.
A river captured : the Columbia River Treaty and catastrophic change
Pearkes, Eileen Delehanty, 1961- author.
Never never. Part three
Hoover, Colleen, author.
Never never. Part two
Hoover, Colleen, author.
A fugitive in Walden Woods
Lock, Norman, 1950- author.
Babylon Berlin
Kutscher, Volker, 1962- author.
Write! shoot! edit! : the complete guide to filmmaking for teens
Patz, Deborah S., 1963- author.
Everland. Book 1
Spinale, Wendy, author.
Dawn study
Snyder, Maria V., author.
Hardt, Helen, author.
Hardt, Helen, author.
The ballad of black Tom
LaValle, Victor D., 1972- author.
The 7th victim
Jacobson, Alan, 1961- author.
The fortune teller
Womack, Gwendolyn, 1970- author.
Great with child
Taitz, Sonia, author.
These vicious masks
Shanker, Tarun, author.
The darkest magic
Rhodes, Morgan, author.
So much blue : a novel
Everett, Percival, author.
Charyn, Jerome, author.
I love you subject to the following terms and conditions : a contract killers novel
Lyon, Erin, author.
Once upon a dream
Braswell, Liz, author.
Tom Clancy's Op-Center. Dark zone
Rovin, Jeff, author.
Leap write in! : adventures in creative writing to s-t-r-e-t-c-h & surprise your one-of-a-kind mind
Benke, Karen.
Official guide to legendary and mythical Pokémon
Whitehill, Simcha, author.
Mesa Verde
Martin, Linda.
OS X El Capitan : the missing manual
Pogue, David, 1963- author.
The card people. Part I, The scissors of fate
Sulzer, James, author.
Some Say Fire
Zeigler, Gregory, author.
Hopeful healing : essays on managing recovery and surviving addiction
Phillips, Mackenzie, author.
Card, Orson Scott.
3 story : the secret history of the giant man
Kindt, Matt.
Daddy long legs
Brun-Cosme, Nadine, author.
The making of Asian America : a history
Lee, Erika, author.
Dead Sea fruit
Warren, Kaaron, author.
Unfinished business
Clary, Brian, author.
Rickey & Robinson : the true, untold story of the integration of baseball
Kahn, Roger.
Inmate 1577 : a Karen Vail novel
Jacobson, Alan, 1961- author.
Remarkable minds : seventeen more pioneering women in science and medicine
Noyce, Pendred, author.
The devil is a part-timer! 2
Wagahara, Satoshi, author.
The devil is a part-timer! 4
Wagahara, Satoshi, author.
The devil is a part-timer! 5
Wagahara, Satoshi, author.
The devil is a part-timer! 1
Wagahara, Satoshi, author.
The devil is a part-timer! 3
Wagahara, Satoshi, author.
The destroyers : a novel
Bollen, Christopher, 1975- author.
Peppa's first colors.
Down a dark road
Castillo, Linda, author.
The secrets she keeps : a novel
Robotham, Michael, 1960- author.
Hilton, L. S., 1974- author.
Super Turbo vs. the Pencil Pointer
Kirby, Lee, 1940- author.
If birds fly back
Sorosiak, Carlie, author.
Reign of serpents
Herman, Eleanor, 1960- author.
Persons unknown : a novel
Steiner, Susie, 1971- author.
Black Belt Bunny
Davis, Jacky, 1966- author.
Nez Perce women in transition, 1877-1990
James, Caroline.
It all comes down to this
English, Karen, author.
Devastation road : a novel
Hewitt, Jason, 1972- author.
The last cowboys of San Geronimo
Stansel, Ian, author.
Geology lab for kids : 52 projects to explore rocks, gems, geodes, crystals, fossils, and other wonders of the Earth's surface
Romaine, Garret, author.
Hamstersaurus Rex vs. Squirrel Kong
O'Donnell, Tom, author.
The someday suitcase
Haydu, Corey Ann, author.
What to say next
Buxbaum, Julie, author.
LMNO pea-quel
Baker, Keith, 1953- author, illustrator.
Portis, Antoinette, author, illustrator.
Stanley's numbers
Bee, William, author, illustrator.
The almost sisters
Jackson, Joshilyn, author.
South Pole Station
Shelby, Ashley, 1977- author.
Watch me disappear : a novel
Brown, Janelle, author.
Worlds collide
Colfer, Chris, 1990- author.
Agatha Parrot and the thirteenth chicken
Poskitt, Kjartan, author.
Ash and quill
Caine, Rachel, author.
Generation one
Lore, Pittacus, author.
Stanley's opposites
Bee, William, author, illustrator.
Time for school!
Biggs, Brian author, illustrator.
Trollbella throws a party : a tale from the Land of Stories
Colfer, Chris, 1990- author.
Molly's story : a dog's purpose novel
Cameron, W. Bruce, author.
Distress signals
Howard, Catherine Ryan, author.
A permanent member of the family
Banks, Russell, 1940- author.
Aftercare instructions
Pipkin, Bonnie, author.
The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue
Lee, Mackenzi, author.
The best birthday
Man-Kong, Mary, author.
Blaze's big race!
Mangual, C. Ines, author.
Brave Batgirl!
Webster, Christy, author.
The fairy dogmother
Boelts, Maribeth, 1964- author.
Let's pick apples!
Depken, Kristen L., author.
Lights, camera, middle school!
Holm, Jennifer L., author.
Meet Rusty Rivets!
Tillworth, Mary, author.
Serafina and the splintered heart
Beatty, Robert, 1963- author.
The Spooky cabin
Henry in the dark.
Time for school, little dinosaur
Herman, Gail, 1959- author.
Holub, Joan, author.
Leven Thumps and the gateway to Foo
Skye, Obert.
Halo. Evolutions : essential tales of the Halo universe.
The goose girl
Hale, Shannon.
New blood
Forbeck, Matt, author.
Halo : hunters in the dark
David, Peter (Peter Allen) author.
Halo : last light
Denning, Troy, author.
Friedman, Robin, 1968-
Short stories for little monsters
Gay, Marie-Louise, author, illustrator.
The owl always hunts at night
Bjork, Samuel, author.
The sexual healing journey : a guide for survivors of sexual abuse
Maltz, Wendy.
The big book of practical spells : everyday magic that works
Illes, Judika, author.
The encyclopedia of 5000 spells
Illes, Judika.
Proquest Statistical Abstract of the United States 2017 : The National Data Book
ProQuest (Firm)
The king & I : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musical
Hammerstein, Oscar, II, 1895-1960, author.
The complete dog breed book
Fiery ferments : 70 stimulating recipes for hot sauces, spicy chutneys, kimchis with kick, and other blazing fermented condiments
Shockey, Kirsten, author.
Musings of an energy nerd : toward an energy-efficient home
Holladay, Martin, author.
Don't get caught
Dinan, Kurt, author.
The lockpicker
Chang, Leonard, author.
Halo : broken circle
Shirley, John, 1953- author.
Serpent in the thorns : a Crispin Guest medieval noir
Westerson, Jeri.
Halo : contact harvest
Staten, Joseph.
Freedom's price : a novel
Johnson, Christine (Christine Elizabeth) author.
Veil of lies : a medieval noir
Westerson, Jeri.
As time goes by
Carlson, Melody, author.
Under a summer sky : a Savannah romance
Carlson, Melody, author.
Naomi's hope : a novel
Drexler, Jan, author.
The Highmore Circle
Reynolds, Cricket, author.
Cup of blood
Westerson, Jeri, author.
The story cure : a book doctor's pain-free guide to finishing your novel or memoir
Moore, Dinty W., 1955- author.
Queens of geek
Wilde, Jen, author.
Nairobi heat
Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ.
Thank you day
McDoogle, Farrah, author.
Daniel visits the library
Testa, Maggie, author.
Daniel's first sleepover
Santomero, Angela C., author.
Daniel's new friend
Friedman, Becky, author.
Feathers for lunch
Ehlert, Lois.
Fred and Ted like to fly
Eastman, Peter, 1942-
Fred and Ted's road trip
Eastman, Peter, 1942-
Goodnight, Daniel Tiger
Santomero, Angela C, author.
Love. Volume 4, The dinosaur
Brrémaud, Frédéric, author.
No red sweater for daniel
Friedman, Becky author.
Peppa Pig and the backyard circus.
Peppa Pig and the day at snowy mountain.
Peppa Pig and the year of family fun : with flaps, pop-ups, and moving pieces
Super Earth encyclopedia
Woodward, John, 1954- author.
American girl character encyclopedia
Anton, Carrie, 1977- author.
Come over to my house
Seuss, Dr., author.
Daniel gets scared
Testa, Maggie, author.
Daniel goes out for dinner
Testa, Maggie, author.
Daniel goes to school
Friedman, Becky, author.
Daniel goes to the carnival
Santomero, Angela C., author.
Daniel goes to the playground
Friedman, Becky, author.
Too many carrots
Hudson, Katy, author.
Walking with Miss Millie
Bundy, Tamara, author.
Anh's anger
Silver, Gail.
Peace, bugs, and understanding : an adventure in sibling harmony
Silver, Gail, author.
The secret of Black Rock
Todd-Stanton, Joe, author, illustrator.
Steps and stones : an Anh's anger story
Silver, Gail.
Cashore, Kristin.
Daniel learns to share
Friedman, Becky, author.
Daniel plays at school
Pendergrass, Daphne, author.
Daniel plays ball
Testa, Maggie, author.
Daniel Tiger's 5-minute stories.
Daniel tries a new food
Friedman, Becky, author.
Fat for fuel : a revolutionary diet to combat cancer, boost brain power, and increase your energy
Mercola, Joseph.
My life with Bob : flawed heroine keeps book of books, plot ensues
Paul, Pamela, author.
Purebred dead
Delaney, Kathleen, author.
Cashore, Kristin, author.
The devil is a part-timer! 1
Wagahara, Satoshi, author.
The devil is a part-timer! 6
Wagahara, Satoshi, author.
The devil is a part-timer! 3
Wagahara, Satoshi, author.
The devil is a part-timer! 2
Wagahara, Satoshi, author.
Bear feels sick
Wilson, Karma.
The period book : a girl's guide to growing up
Gravelle, Karen, author.
Pojo's unofficial ultimate pokémon : from your first cards to the latest games and everything in between.
The mindbody prescription : healing the body, healing the pain
Sarno, John E., 1923-
Off rock
Shea, Kieran, author.
Sleepless knights
Williams, Mark H., author.
Brightfellow : a novel
Ducornet, Rikki, 1943- author.
Fireball : Carole Lombard and the mystery of Flight 3
Matzen, Robert D., author.
Ethnobotany of the Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians
Phillips, Patricia Whereat, author.
Wild pork and watercress : the novel behind the feature film Hunt for the wilderpeople
Crump, Barry, author.
The invented part
Fresan, Rodrigo, 1963- author.
Shadow of the Alchemist : a Crispin Guest medieval noir
Westerson, Jeri, author.
No way out
Jacobson, Alan, 1961- author.
Mandalas to crochet : 30 great patterns
Linssen, Haafner, author.
The people of the mist
Haggard, H. Rider (Henry Rider), Sir, 1856-1925.
Ayesha : the return of She
Haggard, H. Rider (Henry Rider), 1856-1925.
She and Allan
Haggard, H. Rider (Henry Rider), 1856-1925.
Three Greek plays : Pormetheus Bound, Agamemnon, The Trojan Women
City of bones : a novel
Connelly, Michael, 1956- author.
On the ragged edge of medicine : doctoring among the dispossessed
Kullberg, Patricia, author.
Let, it, go : how to stop running the show and start walking in faith
Ehman, Karen, 1964-
Dark star safari : overland from Cairo to Cape Town
Theroux, Paul.
The fallen
Atkins, Ace, author.
Turtledove, Harry, author.
Ser mamá : el antes y el después : guía para una maternidad feliz
Estivill, Eduard, author.
The missing masterpiece
Dams, Jeanne M., author.
Daniel's day at the beach
Friedman, Becky, author.
No voy a pedirle a nadie que me crea
Villalobos, Juan Pablo, 1973- author.
Windows 10 para dummies
Rathbone, Andy, author.
The separatists
Wiehl, Lis W., author.
Abbott, Jeff, author.
The breakdown
Paris, B. A., author.
The late show
Connelly, Michael, 1956- author.
Minecraft : the island
Brooks, Max, author.
The library of light and shadow : a novel
Rose, M. J., 1953- author.
The scariest book ever
Shea, Bob, author, illustrator.
Star Wars. 5, Yoda's secret war
Look behind you
Johansen, Iris, author.
Humana Festival 2016 : the complete plays
Bakeur's dozen
Roberts, Alan Cameron, author.
The straw that broke : gregory d. zeigler
Zeigler, Gregory D.
Finding the blue sky : a mindful approach to choosing happiness here and now
Emet, Joseph, author.
Radical hope : letters of love and dissent in dangerous times
Merle's door : lessons from a freethinking dog
Kerasote, Ted.
Inside of a dog : what dogs see, smell, and know
Horowitz, Alexandra.
Impure blood
Morfoot, Peter, author.
A diet to die for
Steding, Sarah, author.
An undisturbed peace : a novel
Glickman, Mary, author.
The gunslinger
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
Flatlander. Book one
Kranichfeld, Oliver, author.
War stories
Zerr, J. J., author.
Murder at the courthouse
Gabhart, Ann H., 1947- author.
At the broken places : a mother and trans son pick up the pieces
Collins, Mary, 1961- author.
Murder comes by mail
Gabhart, Ann H., 1947- author.
The demon's parchment : a medieval noir
Westerson, Jeri.
Shakespeare in love
Hall, Lee, 1966- author.