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Barker, Melissa Barker, Donald I
The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Bk.4 The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Bk.4
Ōtsuka, Eiji, 1958- author.
Blade of the Immortal. Omnibus 1 Blade of the Immortal. Omnibus 1
Samura, Hiroaki, artist, author.
Blade of the Immortal. Omnibus 2 Blade of the Immortal. Omnibus 2
Samura, Hiroaki, artist, author.
Hatsune miku : rin-chan now!. Volume one Hatsune miku : rin-chan now!. Volume one
Sezu, author.
Danganronpa, the animation Bk.1 Danganronpa, the animation Bk.1
Tsukimi, Takashi, author, illustrator.
Danganronpa, the animation Bk.2 Danganronpa, the animation Bk.2
Tsukimi, Takashi, author, illustrator.
Danganronpa, the animation Bk.3 Danganronpa, the animation Bk.3
Tsukimi, Takashi, author, illustrator.
Danganronpa, the animation Bk.4 Danganronpa, the animation Bk.4
Tsukimi, Takashi, author, illustrator.
Planetes Bk.1 Planetes Bk.1
Yukimura, Makoto, 1976- author, artist.
Planetes Bk.2 Planetes Bk.2
Yukimura, Makoto, 1976- author, artist.
Blood song : a silent ballad Blood song : a silent ballad
Drooker, Eric, 1958-
Last things : a graphic memoir of loss and love Last things : a graphic memoir of loss and love
Moss, Marissa, author.
Conan the Slayer. Blood in his wake Conan the Slayer. Blood in his wake
Bunn, Cullen, author.
Fairy Cube. Vol. 3. The last wing Fairy Cube. Vol. 3. The last wing
Yuki, Kaori.
Fairy cube. Vol. 2, Crown of thorns Fairy cube. Vol. 2, Crown of thorns
Yuki, Kaori.
Blood-C. 01, Demonic moonlight Blood-C. 01, Demonic moonlight
Haduki, Ryo, author, illustrator.
X-Men : no more humans X-Men : no more humans
Carey, Mike, 1959- author.
Grindhouse, Doors Open at Midnight Double Feature. Volume 1, Bee Vixens From Mars/Prison Ship Antares Grindhouse, Doors Open at Midnight Double Feature. Volume 1, Bee Vixens From Mars/Prison Ship Antares
De Campi, Alex.
Grindhouse, Doors Open at Midnight Double Feature. Volume 2, Bride of Blood/Flesh Feast of the Devil Doll Grindhouse, Doors Open at Midnight Double Feature. Volume 2, Bride of Blood/Flesh Feast of the Devil Doll
De Campi, Alex, author.
Batman : contagion Batman : contagion
Grant, Alan, 1949- author.
Dark Horse Comics/DC Comics: Superman Dark Horse Comics/DC Comics: Superman
Jurgens, Dan, author, artist.
Superman : savage dawn Superman : savage dawn
Superman : American alien Superman : American alien
Landis, Max, 1985- author.
Batman Noir : the killing joke Batman Noir : the killing joke
Moore, Alan, 1953- author.
Avengers. Rage of Ultron Avengers. Rage of Ultron
Remender, Rick, writer.
Deadpool. Bad blood Deadpool. Bad blood
Sims, Chris, author.
Batman : the long Halloween Batman : the long Halloween
Loeb, Jeph.
Thanos. Infinity abyss Thanos. Infinity abyss
Starlin, Jim, author.
Thanos : the infinity finale Thanos : the infinity finale
Starlin, Jim, author, artist.
Thanos. The infinity revelation Thanos. The infinity revelation
Starlin, Jim, author.
Amazing Spider-Man. Family business Amazing Spider-Man. Family business
Waid, Mark, 1962- author.
Frankenstein, or, the modern Prometheus : annotated for scientists, engineers, and creators of all kinds Frankenstein, or, the modern Prometheus : annotated for scientists, engineers, and creators of all kinds
Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, 1797-1851, author.
The wave The wave
Strasser, Todd, author.
Magic knight Rayearth. [Volume 1] Magic knight Rayearth. [Volume 1]
CLAMP (Mangaka group)
Blood-C. 02, Demonic moonlight Blood-C. 02, Demonic moonlight
Haduki, Ryo, author, illustrator.
I am a hero omnibus Bk.1 I am a hero omnibus Bk.1
Hanazawa, Kengo, 1974- author, illustrator.
I am a hero omnibus Bk.2 I am a hero omnibus Bk.2
Hanazawa, Kengo, 1974- author, illustrator.
I am a hero omnibus Bk.3 I am a hero omnibus Bk.3
Hanazawa, Kengo, 1974- author, illustrator.
Satoshi Kon Satoshi Kon's Opus
Kon, Satoshi, 1963-2010, author, artist.
Blood-C. Bk.1 Blood-C. Bk.1
Kotone, Ranmaru, author, illustrator.
Blood-C. Bk.2 Blood-C. Bk.2
Kotone, Ranmaru, author, illustrator.
Blood-C. Bk.3 Blood-C. Bk.3
Kotone, Ranmaru, author, illustrator.
Blood-C. Bk.4 Blood-C. Bk.4
Kotone, Ranmaru, author, illustrator.
Giganto Maxia Giganto Maxia
Miura, Kentaro, author, illustrator.
Hatsune Miku : Mikubon Hatsune Miku : Mikubon
Ontama, author, artist.
The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Bk.1 The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Bk.1
Ōtsuka, Eiji, 1958- author.
The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Bk.2 The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Bk.2
Ōtsuka, Eiji, 1958- author.
The 50 states : explore the U.S.A. with 50 fact-filled maps! The 50 states : explore the U.S.A. with 50 fact-filled maps!
Balkan, Gabrielle, author, researcher.
Sam, Bangs & moonshine Sam, Bangs & moonshine
Ness, Evaline.
Groundhog Day!
Gibbons, Gail.
Jim Henson's Labyrinth tales
Godbey, Cory, author, illustrator.
Thursdays with the crown
George, Jessica Day, 1976- author.
Frida Kahlo : una biografía
Hesse, María, author, illustrator.
The disappearance of Hatsune Miku
Agami, Muya, author.
The shadowed sun
Jemisin, N. K., author.
Miraculous mysteries : locked room mysteries and impossible crimes
The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Bk.3
Ōtsuka, Eiji, 1958- author.
Reimagining the academic library
Lewis, David W., 1951- author.
Food swings : 125 recipes to enjoy your life of virtue and vice
Seinfeld, Jessica, author.
Crucible of fire : nineteenth-century urban fires and the making of the modern fire service
Hensler, Bruce, 1953-
Cordwood building : a comprehensive guide to the state of the art
Saunders nursing drug handbook 2018
Kizior, Robert J., author.
Seven modern plagues and how we are causing them
Walters, Mark Jerome, author.
Chickenizing farms & food : how industrial meat production endangers workers, animals, and consumers
Silbergeld, Ellen K., author.
The hidden half of nature : the microbial roots of life and health
Montgomery, David R., 1961- author.
Are we smart enough to know how smart animals are?
Waal, F. B. M. de (Frans B. M.), 1948- author.
Audubon : on the wings of the world
Grolleau, Fabien, 1972- author.
A feeling for the organism : the life and work of Barbara McClintock
Keller, Evelyn Fox, 1936-
The Laws guide to nature drawing and journaling
Laws, John Muir, author. illustrator.
Vacation guide to the solar system : science for the savvy space traveler
Koski, Olivia, author.
Wildly into the dark : typewriter poems and rattlings of a curious mind
Gregson, Tyler Knott.
Thoreau, Henry David.
The Associated Press stylebook and briefing on media law : with Internet guide and glossary
Hindi English visual bilingual dictionary
Arabic-English bilingual visual dictionary.
Polish English visual bilingual dictionary
The everything learning Russian book : speak, write, and understand basic Russian in no time!
Stakhnevich, Julia, author.
The everything learning Brazilian Portuguese book : speak, write and understand Portuguese in no time
Ferreira, Fernanda L.
501 Spanish verbs : fully conjugated in all the tenses and moods in a new easy-to-learn format, alphabetically arranged
Kendris, Christopher.
The everything learning Spanish book : speak, write, and understand basic Spanish in no time
Gutin, Julie.
Collins French dictionary.
501 French verbs fully conjugated in all the tenses and moods in a new easy-to-learn format, alphabetically arranged
Kendris, Christopher, author.
The everything learning French book : speak, write, and understand basic French in no time!
Sallee, Bruce.
The art of Satoshi Kon
Kon, Satoshi, 1963-2010, artist.
Andy Warhol, 1928-1987 : commerce into art
Honnef, Klaus, author.
America's community colleges : the first century
Mediation theory and practice
McCorkle, Suzanne.
The driver in the driverless car : how our technology choices will create the future
Wadhwa, Vivek, author.
The crowdsourceress : get smart, get funded, and kickstart your next big idea
Daly, Alex, author.
How cycling can save the world
Walker, Peter, 1968- author.
Out of the crisis
Deming, W. Edwards (William Edwards), 1900-1993.
American heiress : the wild saga of the kidnapping, crimes and trial of Patty Hearst
Toobin, Jeffrey, author.
The naturalist : Theodore Roosevelt, a lifetime of exploration, and the triumph of American natural history
Lunde, Darrin P., author.
Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the adjoining countries : from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV
Froissart, Jean, 1338?-1410?
The Spanish Inquisition : a Historical Revision
Kamen, Henry.
Eat that frog! : 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time
Tracy, Brian, author.
Meyer, Marissa, author.
Fairest : la historia de Levana
Meyer, Marissa, author.
Meyer, Marissa, author.
Wicked deeds
Graham, Heather, author.
Green space
Shatner, William, author.
Meyer, Marissa, author.
Digitizing your collection : public library success stories
Caro, Susanne, 1980- author.
Swing it, Sunny!
Holm, Jennifer L., author, artist.
Abby in Wonderland
Mlynowski, Sarah, author.
The Dragon of fortune : an epic kingdom of fantasy adventure
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
The empty grave
Stroud, Jonathan, author.
Everything you need to know about Nightmares! and how to defeat them
Segel, Jason, 1980- author.
Lone stars
Lupica, Mike, author.
Roar of the thunder dragon
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
On a magical do-nothing day
Alemagna, Béatrice, author.
The final spark
Evans, Richard Paul, author.
Ants among elephants : an untouchable family and the making of modern India
Gidla, Sujatha, 1963- author.
Christopher Kimball's Milk Street : the new home cooking
Kimball, Christopher, author.
Bears in the streets : three journeys across a changing Russia
Dickey, Lisa, author.
Fooled ya! : how your brain gets tricked by optical illusions, magicians, hoaxes & more
Brown, Jordan, author.
The long haul : a trucker's tales of life on the road
Murphy, Finn, 1958- author.
Imagine that! : how Dr. Seuss wrote The cat in the hat
Sierra, Judy, author.
Children of refuge
Haddix, Margaret Peterson, author.
Nielsen, Jennifer A., author.
Lawson, JonArno, author.
Fly Guy's big family
Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.
Dog & friends : shapes
Dodd, Emma, 1969- author.
Dog & friends : sounds
Dodd, Emma, 1969- author.
The 12 days of Christmas
Pizzoli, Greg, author.
It takes a village
Clinton, Hillary Rodham, author.
John Coltrane's Giant steps
Raschka, Christopher.
Lost and found
Skye, Obert, author.
Hunter, Erin, author.
Twice upon a time
Riley, James, 1977-
Girls who code : learn to code and change the world
Saujani, Reshma, author.
Four points. Book 2, Knife's edge
Larson, Hope, author.
Three times lucky
Turnage, Sheila, author.
Rainbow fun
The puppy's wish
Evert, Lori, author.
The girl with the red balloon
Locke, Katherine, author.
Revolutionary rogues : John André and Benedict Arnold
Castrovilla, Selene, 1966- author.
Dance party countdown
Litwin, Eric, author.
Lehr, Dick, author.
Strangers to temptation : stories
Gould, Scott, 1959- author.
The ninth hour
McDermott, Alice, author.
That's my book! and other stories
Yoon, Salina, author, illustrator.
Speaking our truth : a journey of reconciliation
Gray Smith, Monique, 1968- author.
Thalia : a Texas trilogy
McMurtry, Larry, author
Flashlight night
Esenwine, Matt Forrest, author.
A second chance
Taylor, Jodi, author.
A symphony of echoes
Taylor, Jodi, author.
A stranger at Fellsworth
Ladd, Sarah E., author.
The Cuban affair : a novel
DeMille, Nelson, author.
An echo of murder
Perry, Anne, author.
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
To be where you are
Karon, Jan, 1937- author.
Zombies attack!
Cheverton, Mark, author.
The general's niece : the little-known de Gaulle who fought to free occupied France
Bowers, Paige, author.
The art of Disney Big Hero 6
Julius, Jessica, author.
The art of Up
Hauser, Tim.
¡Fin del juego, Super Chico Conejo!
Flintham, Thomas, author, illustrator.
Weaver's needle
Caroll, Robin, author.
The shattered vigil
Carr, Patrick W., author.
Through waters deep : a novel
Sundin, Sarah, author.
Stand firm : resisting the self-improvement craze
Brinkman, Svend, author.
Another day, another Dali : a Serena Jones mystery
Orchard, Sandra, author.
They killed our president : 63 reasons to believe there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK
Ventura, Jesse, author.
Writing the Northwest : a reporter looks back
Williams, Hill, 1926- author.
Herbs for children's health : how to make and use gentle herbal remedies for soothing common ailments
Gladstar, Rosemary, author.
Too Scot to handle
Burrowes, Grace, author.
A new leash on love
Burns, Debbie, author.
Nothing too good for a cowboy : a true account of life on the last great cattle frontier
Hobson, Richmond P. (Richmond Pearson), 1907-1966, author.
Dead in the water
Swanson, Denise, author.
A Summer of firsts.
Grass beyond the mountains : a true account of discovering the last great cattle frontier
Hobson, Richmond P. (Richmond Pearson), 1907-1966, author.
Castille, Sarah, author.
Assault and pepper
Budewitz, Leslie, author.
The winter long
McGuire, Seanan, author.
Butter off dead
Budewitz, Leslie, author.
Beauty, beast, and belladonna
Chance, Maia, author.
The fuller memorandum
Stross, Charles, author.
The cat who knew a cardinal
Braun, Lilian Jackson.
Cinderella six feet under
Chance, Maia, author.
Crime rib
Budewitz, Leslie, author.
Communication Skills for the Health Care Professional: Concepts, Practice, and Evidence
Van Servellen, Gwen
Judy Moody, tooth fairy
McDonald, Megan, author.
Hidden wildlife : how animals hide in plain sight
Arnosky, Jim, author.
Poptropica. 4, The end of time
Krpata, Mitch, author.
Eclipse : journeys to the dark side of the moon
Close, F. E., author.
Land on fire : the new reality of wildfire in the West
Ferguson, Gary, 1956- author.
In the deep blue sea
Nye, Bill, author.
Just dance
MacLachlan, Patricia, author.
Threads of blue
LaFleur, Suzanne M., author.
The Book of Gold
Staake, Bob, 1957- author, illustrator.
In your hands
Weatherford, Carole Boston, 1956- author.
Starring Carmen!
Denise, Anika, author.
Junie B.'s essential survival guide to school : (with some help from Grampa Frank Miller)
Park, Barbara.
The relic of Perilous Falls
Arroyo, Raymond, author.
The novice : why I became a buddhist monk, why I quit & what I learned
Schettini, Stephen.
Baabwaa & Wooliam
Elliott, David, author.
Landscape with invisible hand
Anderson, M. T., author.
Nursery rhymes
Moerbeek, Kees.
Letters to a prisoner
Goldstyn, Jacques, author.
A different woman, the view from ninety
Kip, Joan.
The gunpowder conspiracy
Ewing, A.E.
The Princess in Black and the mysterious playdate
Hale, Shannon, author.
Muddy : the story of blues legend Muddy Waters
Mahin, Michael James, author.
Guilty as cinnamon
Budewitz, Leslie, author.
My first guitar
Parker, Ben.
Discount armageddon
McGuire, Seanan.
Blue wide sky
Cooper, Inglath, author.
The memoirs of Edward Rochester
Jones, Ken.
The revolt : a novel in Wycliffe's England
Bond, Douglas, 1958- author.
Stealing Christmas
Sullivan, Matthew, 1980- author.
The boy in the shadows
Vallgren, Carl-Johan, 1964- author.
Come and find me
Ephron, Hallie.
La Guerra Sucia
Kirby, Nathaniel.
Late eclipses
McGuire, Seanan.
A local habitation : an October Daye novel
McGuire, Seanan.
A matter of trust
Warren, Susan May, 1966- author.
A nest of vipers
Camilleri, Andrea, author.
Moving target
Eason, Lynette, author.
Hoda : how I survived war zones, bad hair, cancer, and Kathie Lee
Kotb, Hoda, 1964-
Doing the devil's work
Loehfelm, Bill, author.
Living more with less
Lockhart, Timothy J., author.
It happened one doomsday
MacNaughton, Laurence, 1975- author.
A fortune foretold : a novel
Pleijel, Agneta, 1940- author.
Genghis Khan and the making of the modern world
Weatherford, J. McIver.
When you eat at the refrigerator, pull up a chair : fifty ways to feel thin, gorgeous, and happy (when you feel anything but)
Roth, Geneen.
A madman dreams of Turing machines
Levin, Janna, author.
The wake : a novel
Kingsnorth, Paul, 1972- author.
The Marathon conspiracy
Corby, Gary, author.
The spawn of Lilith
Fredsti, Dana, author.
The bookshop at water's end
Henry, Patti Callahan, author.
Where are you? : a child's book about loss
Olivieri, Laura.
Lifetimes : a beautiful way to explain death to children
Mellonie, Bryan.
The devil in her way
Loehfelm, Bill.
40 colorful afghans to crochet : a collection of eye-popping stitch patterns, blocks & projects
Morgan, Leonie, author.
Tarzan, jungle king of popular culture
Lemmo, David, author.
Accidental evils
Dimodica, Steve, author.
Saint Leibowitz and the wild horse woman
Miller, Walter M., 1923-
Fire, native peoples, and the natural landscape
Computers Understanding Technology
Fuller, Floyd Larson, Brian Buki, Lisa A. Wempen, Faithe
Department of Mathematics College of the Redwoods OER
The elephant letters, the story of Billy and Kani
Bradshaw, G. A. (Gay A.), 1959-
Ivy + Bean bound to be bad
Barrows, Annie.
Sonneborn, Liz, author.
Bjorklund, Ruth, author.
Willis, Terri, author.
Mara, Wil, author.
Yomtov, Nelson, author.
Mara, Wil, author.
On the go with Mother Goose
Hedgehugs : autumn hide-and-squeak
Wilson, Steve, 1974- author.
Hooray for books!
Won, Brian, author, illustrator.
In the middle of fall
Henkes, Kevin, author.
Lu, Marie, 1984- author.
The night garden
Horvath, Polly, author.
Hautman, Pete, 1952- author.
The exact location of home
Messner, Kate, author.
On the night of the shooting star
Hest, Amy, author.
Crash course in weeding library collections
Goldsmith, Francisca, author.
Death at the seaside : a Kate Shackleton mystery
Brody, Frances, author.
The art of Brave
Lerew, Jenny.
Remember the time : protecting Michael Jackson in his final days
Whitfield, Bill, author.
Fake science : exposing the left's skewed statistics, fuzzy facts, and dodgy data
Ruse, Austin, author.
Betty goes vegan : over 500 classic recipes for the modern family
Shannon, Annie.
HBR's 10 must reads on managing yourself.
On emotional intelligence.
Memory's last breath : field notes on my dementia
Saunders, Gerda, author.
Lazy perfection : the art of looking great without really trying
Patinkin, Jenny, author.
The pride of the Yankees : Lou Gehrig, Gary Cooper, and the making of a classic
Sandomir, Richard, author.
Voices are not for yelling = La voz no es para gritar
Verdick, Elizabeth, author.
Robert B. Parker's the Hangman's sonnet
Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956- author.
Zombies ate my homework : an unofficial graphic novel for Minecrafters
Stevens, Cara J., author.
Salam alaikum : a message of peace
Harris J, 1997- author.
A column of fire
Follett, Ken, author.
The Romanov ransom : a Sam and Remi Fargo adventure
Cussler, Clive, author.
Feúcho y Pablo
Quintero, Isabel, author.
Feet are not for kicking = Los pies no son para patear
Verdick, Elizabeth, author.
Coulter, Catherine, author.
The unquiet grave : a novel
McCrumb, Sharyn, 1948- author.
The girl who takes an eye for an eye
Lagercrantz, David, author.
Install your own solar panels : designing and installing a photovoltaic system to power your home
Burdick, Joesph, 1968- author.
Intuitive art : how to have a two-way conversation with your higher self
Archelaus, Rachel, author.
Ham and shortwave radio for the electronics hobbyist
Gibilisco, Stan, author.
Can your smartphone change the world?
Paisley, Erinne, author.
Alchemy of herbs : transform everyday ingredients into foods & remedies that heal
Foret, Rosalee de la, 1980- author.
The garden photography workshop : tips and techniques for capturing your garden
Jones, Andrea, 1960- author.
The self-acceptance project : how to be kind & compassionate toward yourself in any situation
Barbecue sauces, rubs, and marinades : bastes, butters, and glazes, too
Raichlen, Steven, author.
Ugly little greens : gourmet dishes crafted from foraged ingredients
Wasilevich, Mia, author.
101 hikes in Northern California : exploring mountains, valley, and seashore
Heid, Matt, 1975- author.
Waveform : twenty-first-century essays by women
The wolf of Tebron : a fairy tale
Lakin, C. S., 1956-
Writer's market 2018
BraveTart : iconic American desserts
Parks, Stella, author.
In the shadow of the moon : the science, magic, and mystery of solar eclipses
Aveni, Anthony F., author.
Faster, higher, farther : the Volkswagen scandal
Ewing, Jack (Economics correspondent) author.
What is hip-hop?
Morse, Eric (Music consultant), author.
Auma's long run
Odhiambo, Eucabeth A., author.
The proving
Lewis, Beverly, 1949- author.
Fred Korematsu speaks up
Atkins, Laura, author.
How to survive as a firefly
Foote, Kristen, author.
Thunder in the Mountains : Chief Joseph, Oliver Otis Howard, and the Nez Perce War
Sharfstein, Daniel J., author.
Teach like Finland : 33 simple strategies for joyful classrooms
Walker, Timothy D., author.
What she ate : six remarkable women and the food that tells their stories
Shapiro, Laura, author.
Mask of the Sun : the science, history and forgotten lore of eclipses
Dvorak, John (John J.) author.
Morningstar : growing up with books
Hood, Ann, 1956- author.
One nation under gold : how one precious metal has dominated the American imagination for four centuries
Ledbetter, James, author.
The secret history of Jane Eyre : how Charlotte Brontë wrote her masterpiece
Pfordresher, John, author.
Goodbye autumn, hello winter
Pak, Kenard, author, illustrator.
Little i
Hall, Michael, author, illustrator.
The pout-pout fish and the bully-bully shark
Diesen, Deborah, author.
This land : an American portrait
Spencer, Jack, author, photographer.
Going to the sea park
Mayer, Mercer, 1943- author, illustrator.
Pete the cat and the lost tooth
Dean, James, author, illustrator.
The golden compass : the graphic novel
Melchior-Durand, Stéphane, author.
Mighty Jack and the goblin king
Hatke, Ben, author.
Kimi ni todoke. Vol. 27 = From me to you
Shiina, Karuho, author, illustrator.
Tower of dawn
Maas, Sarah J., author.
Cherished mercy
Peterson, Tracie, author.
The Christmas blessing
Carlson, Melody, author.
The summer that made us
Carr, Robyn, author.
Proof of life
Jance, J. A. (Judith A.), author.
Searching for Augusta : the forgotten angel of Bastogne
King, Martin, 1959- author.
A year of picnics : recipes for dining well in the great outdoors
English, Ashley, 1976- author.
Enemy of the state : a Mitch Rapp novel
Mills, Kyle, 1966- author.
The essence of malice
Weaver, Ashley, author.
Dead woman walking
Bolton, S. J., author.
The dreadful tale of Prosper Redding
Bracken, Alexandra, author.
Alexander Hamilton, revolutionary
Brockenbrough, Martha, author.
A bear's life
McAllister, Ian, 1969- author.
Wolf Island
McAllister, Ian, 1969- author.
Extreme stories from the Extreme Hills
Mann, Greyson, author.
The glass town game
Valente, Catherynne M., 1979- author.
Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2.
Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Won't-Walk-the-Dog Cure
Martin, Ann M., 1955- author.
Rapunzel and the lost lagoon
Howland, Leila, author.
When's my birthday?
Fogliano, Julie, author.
Max and Bird
Vere, Ed, author, illustrator.
Let's find Pokemon!
A fairy's gift
Thorpe, Kiki, author.
Halfway normal
Dee, Barbara, author.
The LEGO Ninjago movie : junior novelization
Howard, Kate, author.
I survived the American Revolution, 1776
Tarshis, Lauren, author.
We'll bite your tail, Geronimo!
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Miles, Ellen, author.
Harvest hoedown
Gold, Gina, author.
Big words for little geniuses
Patterson, Sue, author.
Lee, Suzy, 1974- author, illustrator.
Molly & Mae : a friendship journey
Parker, Danny, 1967- author.
The little red cat who ran away from home and learned his ABC's (the hard way)
McDonnell, Patrick, 1956- author, illustrator.
Paw Patrol 5-minute stories collection.
Sam, the most scaredy-cat kid in the whole world.
Willems, Mo, author, illustrator.
Big machines : the story of Virginia Lee Burton
Rinker, Sherri Duskey, author.
Sarabella's thinking cap
Schachner, Judith Byron, author, illustrator.
Frida Kahlo and her animalitos
Brown, Monica, 1969- author.
The shape of the world : a portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright
Going, K. L. (Kelly L.), author.
Tigerheart's shadow
Hunter, Erin, author.
The golden house : a novel
Rushdie, Salman, author.
Lackey, Mercedes, author.
The case from outer space
Preller, James, author.
Skip-beat! 39
Nakamura, Yoshiki, author, illustrator.
Brave red, smart frog : a new book of old tales
Jenkins, Emily, 1967- author.
See what we eat! : a first book of healthy eating
Ritchie, Scot, author, illustrator.
All's faire in middle school
Jamieson, Victoria, author, illustrator.
Otis gives thanks
Long, Loren, author, illustrator.
Mary McScary
Stine, R. L., author.
Belle's discovery
Roehl, Tessa, author.
The lost staff of wonders
Arroyo, Raymond, author.
Once upon the end
Riley, James, 1977-
No kimchi for me
Kim, Aram, author.
The dream colony : a life in art
Hopps, Walter, author, interviewee.
I was told to come alone : my journey behind the lines of jihad
Mekhennet, Souad, author.
Older than dirt : a kinda-sorta biography of Earth
Brown, Don, 1949- author.
All rights reserved
Katsoulis, Gregory Scott, author.
The broken world
Klingele, Lindsey, author.
Seattle family adventures : city escapades, day trips, weekend getaways, and itineraries for fun-loving families
Calamusa, Kate, author.
Nottage, Lynn, author.
Baffled by love : stories of the lasting impact of childhood trauma inflicted by loved ones
Kahn, Laurie, author.
Portland family adventures : city escapades, day trips, weekend getaways, and itineraries for fun-loving families
Stevenson, Jen, 1977- author.
Mark of the tattoo
Castro, Cheryl
The velveteen daughter : a novel
Davis Huber, Laurel, author.
Long walk to freedom : the autobiography of Nelson Mandela.
Mandela, Nelson, 1918-2013, author.
The royal road to card magic
Hugard, Jean, 1872-1959.
Freedom's ring : a novel
Chiavaroli, Heidi, author.
A kiss before doomsday
MacNaughton, Laurence, 1975- author.
Write back soon! : adventures in letter writing
Benke, Karen, author.
50 philosophy classics : your shortcut to the most important ideas on being, truth, and meaning
Butler-Bowdon, Tom, 1967- author.
The baby name wizard : a magical method for finding the perfect names for your baby
Wattenberg, Laura.
Murder in Montmartre
Black, Cara, 1951-
Ninefox gambit
Lee, Yoon Ha, 1979- author.
Yours and mine
Macomber, Debbie, author.
Miller, Linda Lael, author.
The wise man's fear
Rothfuss, Patrick, 1973- author.
A catered costume party
Crawford, Isis, author.
Yo soy Muslim
Gonzales, Mark, 1975- author.
Dooby dooby moo
Cronin, Doreen, author.
My little pony : the movie : the junior novel
Berrow, G. M., author.
The man who loved libraries : the story of Andrew Carnegie
Larsen, Andrew, 1960- author.
The forever court
Rudden, Dave, author.
Gone camping
Wissinger, Tamera Will, author.
Mallory makes a difference
Friedman, Laurie, 1964- author.
Full of fall
Sayre, April Pulley, author.
Upstairs at the Roosevelts : growing up with Franklin and Eleanor
Roosevelt, Curtis, 1930-2016, author.
Creeper's got talent
Mann, Greyson, author.
42 is not just a number : the odyssey of Jackie Robinson, American hero
Rappaport, Doreen, author.
Baby's first Thanksgiving
Sirett, Dawn, author.
Absolutely everything you need to know
Hugo, Simon, author.
Break the ice!
Cooking with the Grinch
Rabe, Tish, author.
Showdown in space!
Carbone, Courtney, author.
Thomas and the piglets.
Redbank, Tennant, author.
The wizard's cookbook : magical recipes inspired by Harry Potter, Merlin, The Wizard of Oz, and more
Beaupommier, Aurelia, author.
A legacy of spies
Le Carré, John, 1931- author.
Ursula K. Le Guin : Hainish novels & stories. Volume one
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929- author.
Ursula K. Le Guin : Hainish novels and stories. Volume two
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929- author.
El primer año de su bebé
Robin's guide to being cool(er)
Rusu, Meredith, author.
Fantasyland : how America went haywire : a 500-year history
Andersen, Kurt, 1954- author.
Steve McQueen : the salvation of an American icon
Laurie, Greg, author.
The Vietnam War : an intimate history
Ward, Geoffrey C., author.
Feral youth
Hutchinson, Shaun David, author.
La princesa and the pea
Elya, Susan Middleton, 1955- author.
Friends and enemies
McCullough, Kathy, author.
Jasmine's new rules
Francis, Suzanne, author.
Rapunzel's guide to all things brave, creative & fun
Francis, Suzanne (Children's fiction writer), author.
Babies can sleep anywhere
Wheeler, Lisa, 1963- author.
Baby goes to market
Atinuke, author.
A cooked-up fairy tale
Klostermann, Penny Parker, author.
Papillon goes to the vet
Kang, A. N., author.
Carr, Matt, 1971- author, illustrator.
Dog man. A tale of two kitties
Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, illustrator.
Lucy & Andy Neanderthal : the stone cold age
Brown, Jeffrey, 1975- author.
Tumble and Blue
Beasley, Cassie, author.
The dazzling heights
McGee, Katharine, author.
Hilda and the black hound
Pearson, Luke, author, artist.
Big cats
Simon, Seymour, author.
Wonder Woman : Warbringer
Bardugo, Leigh, author.
But seriously
McEnroe, John, 1959- author.
Why Buddhism is true : the science and philosophy of meditation and enlightenment
Wright, Robert, 1957- author.
Wild things : the joy of reading children's literature as an adult
Handy, Bruce, author.
Emma moves in
Hutton, Clare, author.
No way out
Poblocki, Dan, author.
World of Nexo Knights heroes : official guide.
Daniel chooses to be kind
Kalban, Rachel, author.
BB-8 on the run
Daywalt, Drew, author.
Caps for sale and the mindful monkeys
Slobodkina, Esphyr, 1908- author.
We are data : algorithms and the making of our digital selves
Cheney-Lippold, John, author.
Fairy tail. 8
Mashima, Hiro, 1977-
Insignificant events in the life of a cactus
Bowling, Dusti, author.
The Great Princess Caper
Vogel, Michael, author.
Penguins love their ABCs
Aspinall, Sarah, author.
Uni the unicorn and the dream come true
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse, author.
Why am I me?
Britt, Paige, author.
The bad seed
John, Jory, author.
Fever : a novel
Meyer, Deon, author.
Secrets in death
Robb, J. D., 1950- author.
The hostage heart
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia, author.
The western star
Johnson, Craig, 1961- author.
Thirteen rising
Russell, Romina, author.
The dire king
Ritter, William, 1984- author.
God Emperor of Dune
Herbert, Frank.
The sound and the fury.
Faulkner, William, 1897-1962.
Chapterhouse: Dune
Herbert, Frank.
The day of the jackal
Forsyth, Frederick, 1938-
2016 Ashland forest plan; City of Ashland /.
Oak Grove writes 2017
A fistful of fig newtons
Shepherd, Jean.
Juliet takes a breath
Rivera, Gabby, author.
The little stranger
Waters, Sarah, 1966- author.
Exquisite hours : a comedy novel
Humphreys, Joshua, 1985- author.
Primitive passions
Cahill, John M., author.
MacDonald, Nicole, author.
The amok runners
Cotterill, Colin, author.
Nebraska : stories
Hansen, Ron, 1947- author.
The slave traders of Umbinga
Castro, Cheryl
The Dengu odyssey
Castro, Cheryl
The naturally bug-free garden : controlling pest insects without chemicals
Hess, Anna, 1978- author.
Best outdoor adventures near Portland, Oregon : a guide to the city's greatest hiking, paddling, and cycling
Sawyer, Adam, 1974- author.
Happy city : transforming our lives through urban design
Montgomery, Charles, 1968- author.
The lucky few : finding God's best in the most unlikely places
Avis, Heather, author.
A bloom of bones : a novel
Jones, Allen Morris, author.
Behind the waterfall, a novel
Tinsley, Molly Best.
The arrival
MacDonald, Nicole, author.
Feel the burn
MacDonald, Nicole, author.
Vintage : a ghost story
Berman, Steve, 1968-
Studs, tools & fools
Hering, Kathleen, author.
Ripped, stripped, and flipped
Hering, Kathleen, author.
Royal dragon
Hartnady, Charlene, author.
Searchlight and shadows : a novel
Turnbull, Martin, author.
The threat in the Adriatic
Burnage, Roger, author.
Getting old can kill you : a mystery
Lakin, Rita, author.
Buried secrets
Meyette, Elizabeth, author.
Twisted Boulevard
Turnbull, Martin, author.
I can't think straight
Sarif, Shamim.
Reds in the beds
Turnbull, Martin, author.
The vagabond vicar
Brentwood, Charlotte, 1980- author.
A winter of wolves : a Jeff Trask crime drama
Rainer, Marc, author.
Seventy two hours
Schubach, Erik, author.
Schubach, Erik, author.
Schubach, Erik, author.
Forward to danger : the campaign in Europe
Winston, Michael, author.
The spyglass file
Goodwin, Nathan Dylan, author.
The Schnoz of the Rings : a parody of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings
Osterhout, John J., author.
Gives light
Christo, Rose, author.
God's daughter
Gilbert, Heather Day.
Dirty martini
Konrath, Joe, 1970- author.
Fuzzy navel
Konrath, Joe, 1970- author.
Cherry bomb
Konrath, Joe, 1970- author.
The marriage of Miss Jane Austen. A novel by a gentleman. Volume II
Hemingway, Collins, author.
Necessary measures
Alexander, Hannah, author.
The Lord of Vík-ló : a novel of Viking age Ireland
Nelson, James L., author.
The death of Marcellus : a novel
Armstrong, Dan, author.
Astrology made simple : a beginner's guide to interpreting your birth chart & revealing your horoscope
Mead, Alyson, author.
The Philosophy book.
Sword and serpent
Marshall, Taylor, author.
Cuarto de guerra : La oración es un arma poderosa : una novelización
Fabry, Chris, 1961- author.
The forests of silence
Rodda, Emily.
Peterson's how to get money for college 2018.
Casino Royale
Fleming, Ian, 1908-1964.
A parent's guide to enhancing quality of life in children with cancer
Rise of the illuminati / analysis & theory
Johnson, Gabriel.
Milestones in science and technology : the ready reference guide to discoveries, inventions, and facts
Mount, Ellis.
Mining camps of Placer County
Barry-Schweyer, Carmel.
Out & about campus : personal accounts by lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgendered college students
Spielman, Rose M. ; Et Ux
Prairie dog song : the key to saving North America's grasslands
Roth, Susan L., author, illustrator.
¡Es la hora de los esqueletos! = It's skeleton time!
Galan, Ana, author.
Hombre Perro
Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, illustrator.
Computadoras para todos
Restrepo, Jaime A., author.
Women's Health el gran libro de pilates
Siler, Brooke, 1968- author.
Inglés práctico.
Guía para padres y maestros de niños bilingües
Ada, Alma Flor, author.
Los secretos que jamás te contaron : para vivir en este mundo y ser feliz cada día
Espinosa, Albert, 1974- author.
La revolución Smartfood : dieta fundamental para la prevención del cáncer, de las enfermedades cardiovasculares, metabólicas y neruodegenerativas, y el control de peso
Liotta, Eliana, author.
Lockwood, Patricia, author.
The Ranger way : living the code on and off the battlefield
Paronto, Kris, author.
Putin : his downfall and Russia's coming crash
Lourie, Richard, 1940- author.
Raven Rock : the story of the U.S. Government's secret plan to save itself-while the rest of us die
Graff, Garrett M., 1981- author.
Smart baseball : the story behind the old stats that are ruining the game, the new ones that are running it, and the right way to think about baseball
Law, Keith, 1973- author.
Scribbled in the dark : poems
Simic, Charles, 1938- author.
The smear : how shady political operatives and fake news control what you see, what you think, and how you vote
Attkisson, Sharyl, 1961- author.
Devil's bargain : Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the storming of the presidency
Green, Joshua, 1972- author.
The fine art of paper flowers : a guide to making beautiful and lifelike botanicals
Turner, Tiffanie, author.
Ice cream & friends : 60 recipes & riffs for sorbets, sandwiches, no-churn ice creams and more
Editors of Food52, author.
Food52, mighty salads : 60 new ways to turn salad into dinner-and make-ahead lunches, too
Editors of Food52, author.
The holocaust : a new history
Rees, Laurence, 1957- author.
Blind spot
Cole, Teju, author.
CLEP official study guide 2018 : college-level examination program
Bright line eating : the science of living happy, thin, and free
Thompson, Susan Peirce, author.
Monster trucks
Keller, Joy, author.
Nothing rhymes with orange
Rex, Adam, author, illustrator.
Daniel loves fall!
Shaw, Natalie, author.
Little Elliot, fall friends
Curato, Mike, author, illustrator.
Writing radar : using your journal to snoop out and craft great stories
Gantos, Jack, author.
Ban this book
Gratz, Alan, 1972- author.
Forest world
Engle, Margarita, author.
Spies in the family : an American spymaster, his Russian crown jewel, and the friendship that helped end the Cold War
Dillon, Eva, author.
This cheese is nuts! : delicious vegan cheese at home
Piatt, Julie, author.
Stay interesting : I don't always tell stories about my life, but when I do they're true and amazing
Goldsmith, Jonathan, 1938- author.
What color is your parachute? 2018 : a practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers
Bolles, Richard Nelson, author.
The world remade : America in World War I
Meyer, G. J., 1940- author.
The world broke in two : Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, D. H. Lawrence, E. M. Forster, and the year that changed literature
Goldstein, Bill, author.
Lessons from the prairie : the surprising secrets to happiness, success, and (sometimes just) survival I learned on America's favorite show
Francis, Melissa, 1972- author.
Love and trouble : a midlife reckoning
Dederer, Claire, 1967- author.
A man and his presidents : the political odyssey of William F. Buckley Jr.
Felzenberg, Alvin S., author.
The plant paradox : the hidden dangers in "healthy" foods that cause disease and weight gain
Gundry, Steven R., author.
Growing a revolution : bringing our soil back to life
Montgomery, David R., 1961- author.
The Grim Sleeper : the lost women of South Central
Pelisek, Christine, author.
Hunger : a memoir of (my) body
Gay, Roxane, author.
Improbable destinies : fate, chance, and the future of evolution
Losos, Jonathan B., author.
JFK : a vision for America in words and pictures
In search of the lost chord : 1967 and the hippie idea
Goldberg, Danny, 1950- author.
American fire : love, arson, and life in a vanishing land
Hesse, Monica, author.
The art of Beatrix Potter : sketches, paintings, and illustrations
Zach, Emily, author.
Are we screwed? : how a new generation is fighting to survive climate change
Dembicki, Geoff, author.
The keep of ages
O'Brien, Caragh M., author.
Guide to political revolution
Sanders, Bernard, author.
Geronimo Stilton. 19, Lost in translation
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
In the valley of the sun : a novel
Davidson, Andy, 1978- author.
All the way to Havana
Engle, Margarita, author.
Smy, Pam, author, illustrator.
Reynolds, Jason, author.
I miss you : a first look at death
Thomas, Pat, 1959-
Drifters. 4
Hirano, Kōta, author.
The world is not a rectangle : a portrait of architect Zaha Hadid
Winter, Jeanette, author.
Laugh out loud
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
The right time : a novel
Steel, Danielle, author.
Texas fierce
Dailey, Janet, author.
Historias de miedo para contar en la oscuridad
Schwartz, Alvin, 1927-2011, author.
El pequeño Elliot y su gran dia
Curato, Mike, author, illustrator.
One of a kind, like me = Único como yo
Mayeno, Laurin, author.
Need to know
Michaels, Fern, author.
Glass houses : a novel
Penny, Louise, author.
Red swan : a novel
Deutermann, Peter T., 1941- author.
Full moon o sagashite. 2
Tanemura, Arina.
Full moon o sagashite. 3
Tanemura, Arina.
Benincasa, Sara, author.
Condie, Allyson Braithwaite.
Pablo and Birdy
McGhee, Alison, 1960- author.
Go go gorillas : a romping bedtime tale
Wensink, Patrick, author.
Strays : a lost cat, a homeless man, and their journey across America
Collins, Britt, author.
Shoot-out in hell : a western duo
Brandvold, Peter, author.
Thanks from the very hungry caterpillar
Carle, Eric, author, illustrator.
Get coding! : learn HTML, CSS and Javascript and build a website, app and game.
Rocks & minerals
Simon, Seymour, author.
In other lands : a novel
Brennan, Sarah Rees, author.
Sulfur Springs : a novel
Krueger, William Kent, author.
A properly unhaunted place
Alexander, William (William Joseph), 1976- author.
Euphoria tapestry quilts : 40 appliqué motifs & 17 flowering projects
Kemball, Deborah, author.
Standard catalog of world coins. 1801-1900
How to walk
Nhất Hạnh, Thích, author.
How to eat
Nhat Hanh, Thich, author.
Falling for trouble
Title, Sarah, author.
Rosemary and Rue : an October Daye novel
McGuire, Seanan.
Down home cowboy
Yates, Maisey, author.
Midnight blue-light special
McGuire, Seanan.
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-
Hyperspace : a scientific odyssey through parallel universe, time warps, and the tenth dimension
Kaku, Michio.
Granite Mountain : the firsthand account of a tragic wildfire, its lone survivor, and the firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice
McDonough, Brendan, author.
The assault.
Dig dig digging ABC
Mayo, Margaret, author.
La guerra que nos ocultan
Cruz, Francisco, 1956- author.
Life under compulsion : ten ways to destroy the humanity of your child
Esolen, Anthony M., author.
El siervo : un viaje épico por el Imperio Romano en busca de su destino
Maymó-Gatell, Xavier, 1966-
A singing star
Ryder, Chloe, author.
The California Gold Rush : an interactive history adventure
Raum, Elizabeth, author.
Needs a new name
Sheinmel, Courtney.
Los susurros
Morgan, Juan David, author.
This is a poem that heals fish
Siméon, Jean-Pierre, 1950-
What does it mean to be present?
DiOrio, Rana.
The pyrate : the rise of Cooper Cain
Aye, Michael, author.
Attack on Nantucket
Dupper, Thad, author.
A congregation of jackals
Zahler, S. Craig.
The wood
Bobulski, Chelsea, author.
Sydney & Simon. To the moon!
Reynolds, Paul A., author.
Slides for Anatomy and Physiology 57 slides in plastic case
Death rides alone
Johnstone, William W., author.
First time in forever
Morgan, Sarah, 1948- author.
Ayurveda lifestyle wisdom : a complete prescription to optimize your health, prevent disease, and live with vitality and joy
Acharya Shunya, author.
Love is love : a comic book anthology to benefit the survivors of the Orlando Pulse shooting
The unwritten. [2], Inside man
Carey, Mike, 1959-
The science of parenting : how today's brain research can help you raise happy, emotionally balanced children
Sunderland, Margot, author.
The psychedelic explorer's guide : safe, therapeutic, and sacred journeys
Fadiman, James, 1939-
Self-sufficiency for the 21st century
Strawbridge, Dick, author.
The man without a face : the unlikely rise of Vladimir Putin
Gessen, Masha, author.
Chloe's Vegan Italian kitchen : 150 pizzas, pastas, pestos, risottos, & lots of creamy Italian classics
Coscarelli, Chloe, author.
Touchstone anthology of contemporary creative nonfiction : work from 1970 to the present
Everything is workable : a Zen approach to conflict resolution
Hamilton, Diane Musho, author.
Cycle savvy : the smart teen's guide to the mysteries of her body
Weschler, Toni, 1955-
A lady of high regard
Peterson, Tracie.
The master and his emissary : the divided brain and the making of the Western world
McGilchrist, Iain, author.
Shadow's claim
Cole, Kresley.
The paper garden : an artist (begins her life's work) at 72
Peacock, Molly, 1947-
The final frontiersman : Heimo Korth and his family, alone in Alaska's arctic wilderness
Campbell, James.
The saboteur
Gross, Andrew, 1952- author.
Moon San Juan Islands, 2017
California camping, 2017
The skirt emporium
Leysen, Kim, author.
The year of the monkey : tales from the Chinese zodiac
Chin, Oliver Clyde, 1969- author.
The heart's invisible furies
Boyne, John, 1971- author.
Sing, don't cry
Dominguez, Angela.
Welcome to super hero high!
Carbone, Courtney, author.
Telling tales
Cleeves, Ann, author.
Fast falls the night
Keller, Julia, author.
The list
Herron, Mick, author.
The magician and the spirits : Harry Houdini and the curious pastime of communicating with the dead
Noyes, Deborah, author.
Who was Alexander Hamilton?
Pollack, Pam, author.
Danza! : Amalia Hernández and el Ballet Folklórico de México
Tonatiuh, Duncan, author.
Mouse is small : flip-flap fun
Murphy, Mary, 1961- author, illustrator.
Trucks to the rescue!
Low, William, author, illustrator.
Mystic and rider
Shinn, Sharon.
The moon is a harsh mistress
Heinlein, Robert A. (Robert Anson), 1907-
The thirteenth house
Shinn, Sharon.
The smoke thief
Abé, Shana.
Fantasy sports. No. 3, The green king
Bosma, Sam, author, illustrator.
The darkness
Huddleston, Tom, author.
Environment and society : a reader
Monkey with a tool belt and the silly school mystery
Monroe, Chris, author, illustrator.
Basic fermentation : a do-it-yourself guide to cultural manipulation : with all new photography
Katz, Sandor Ellix, 1962- author.