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New Books

Reasonable faith : Christian truth and apologetics Reasonable faith : Christian truth and apologetics
Craig, William Lane.
Cloudbound Cloudbound
Wilde, Fran, 1979- author.
The Atlantis gene : a thriller The Atlantis gene : a thriller
Riddle, A.G., author.
The Atlantis Plague The Atlantis Plague
Riddle, A. G., author.
Fields of battle : Pearl Harbor, the Rose Bowl, and the boys who went to war Fields of battle : Pearl Harbor, the Rose Bowl, and the boys who went to war
Curtis, Brian, 1971- author.
The bombs that brought us together The bombs that brought us together
Conaghan, Brian, 1971-, author.
Little Bot and Sparrow Little Bot and Sparrow
Parker, Jake, 1977- author, illustrator.
Children of the new world : stories Children of the new world : stories
Weinstein, Alexander, author.
Reckless creed Reckless creed
Kava, Alex, author.
How everything became war and the military became everything : tales from the Pentagon How everything became war and the military became everything : tales from the Pentagon
Brooks, Rosa, author.
Playing dead : a journey through the world of death fraud Playing dead : a journey through the world of death fraud
Greenwood, Elizabeth, 1983- author.
Giant squid Giant squid
Fleming, Candace, author.
Samson in the snow Samson in the snow
Stead, Philip Christian, author, illustrator.
A family is a family is a family A family is a family is a family
O'Leary, Sara, author.
The great zombie invasion : an unofficial minecrafter The great zombie invasion : an unofficial minecrafter's adventure
Cheverton, Mark, author.
Skillet meals. Skillet meals.
Love wins : the lovers and lawyers who fought the landmark case for marriage equality Love wins : the lovers and lawyers who fought the landmark case for marriage equality
Cenziper, Debbie, author.
Mutual funds for dummies Mutual funds for dummies
Tyson, Eric (Eric Kevin), author.
Quicken 2016 : the official guide Quicken 2016 : the official guide
Sandberg, Bobbi, author.
Fishbone Fishbone's song
Paulsen, Gary, author.
Rad women worldwide : artists and athletes, pirates and punks, and other revolutionaries who shaped history Rad women worldwide : artists and athletes, pirates and punks, and other revolutionaries who shaped history
Schatz, Kate, author.
Swarm Swarm
Westerfeld, Scott, author.
The dead boyfriend The dead boyfriend
Stine, R. L., author.
Fairy tail. 56 Fairy tail. 56
Mashima, Hiro, 1977- author, illustrator.
The fever code The fever code
Dashner, James, 1972- author.
Hungry bird Hungry bird
Tankard, Jeremy, author.
British Manor murder : a Lucy Stone mystery British Manor murder : a Lucy Stone mystery
Meier, Leslie, author.
Irena Irena's children : the extraordinary story of the woman who saved 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto
Mazzeo, Tilar J., author.
Danielle Walker Danielle Walker's against all grain celebrations : a year of gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo recipes for every occasion
Walker, Danielle (Chef) author.
Charmed, I Charmed, I'm sure
Littman, Sarah, author.
Octopuses one to ten Octopuses one to ten
Jackson, Ellen, 1943- author.
Willa : the Story of Willa Cather, an American writer Willa : the Story of Willa Cather, an American writer
Ehrlich, Amy, 1942- author.
The secret keepers The secret keepers
Stewart, Trenton Lee, author.
Peep and Egg : i Peep and Egg : i'm not trick or treating
Gehl, Laura, author.
Milk goes to school Milk goes to school
Border, Terry, 1965- author, illustrator.
Yo ho ho, Halloween! Yo ho ho, Halloween!
Ryan, Pam Muñoz, author.
The end of protest : a new playbook for revolution The end of protest : a new playbook for revolution
White, Micah, 1982- author.
Asterix and son Asterix and son
Gorilla loves vanilla Gorilla loves vanilla
Strathie, Chae, author.
The courage test The courage test
Preller, James, author.
The gathering The gathering
Poblocki, Dan, author.
Good night, bat! good morning, squirrel! Good night, bat! good morning, squirrel!
Meisel, Paul, author, illustrator.
Grimelda : the very messy witch Grimelda : the very messy witch
Murray, Diana, author.
The Left-Handed Fate The Left-Handed Fate
Milford, Kate, author.
A long pitch home A long pitch home
Lorenzi, Natalie Dias, author.
Monster science : could monsters survive (and thrive!) in the real world? Monster science : could monsters survive (and thrive!) in the real world?
Becker, Helaine, author.
Monster trucks Monster trucks
Denise, Anika, author.
One half from the east One half from the east
Hashimi, Nadia, author.
Race car dreams Race car dreams
Chriscoe, Sharon, 1973- author.
A battle won A battle won
Russell, Sean, author.
Your drug may be your problem : how and why to stop taking psychiatric medications
Breggin, Peter Roger, 1936-
Behind the throne
Wagers, K. B. author.
Under enemy colors
Russell, S. Thomas (Sean Thomas), 1952- author.
Until the sea shall give up her dead
Russell, Sean, 1952- author.
The assassin game
McKay, Kirsty, author.
Waking up : a guide to spirituality without religion
Harris, Sam, 1967- author.
Service tails : more stories of man's best hero
Collins, Ace, author.
Story genius : how to use brain science to go beyond outlining and write a riveting novel (*before you waste three years writing 327 pages that go nowhere)
Cron, Lisa, author.
Unabrow : misadventures of a late bloomer
LaMarche, Una, author.
Breakout nations : in pursuit of the next economic miracles
Sharma, Ruchir.
From sun to sun : a hospice nurse reflects on the art of dying
McKissock, Nina Angela, author.
A love made new
Fuller, Kathleen, author.
The art of losing yourself : a novel
Ganshert, Katie, author.
When the bough breaks
Kellerman, Jonathan.
Sansom, C. J.
Remembering laughter
Stegner, Wallace Earle, 1909-
Paris vagabond
Clébert, Jean-Paul, author.
The race
Allan, Nina, author.
Knowing Christ today : why we can trust spirtual knowledge
Willard, Dallas, 1935-2013, author.
Hardt, Helen, author.
A dangerous mourning : a William Monk novel
Perry, Anne.
Married by Monday
Bybee, Catherine.
Seduced by Sunday
Bybee, Catherine, author.
Single by Saturday
Bybee, Catherine, author.
Fiancé by Friday
Bybee, Catherine, author.
Treasured by Thursday
Bybee, Catherine, author.
Taken by Tuesday
Bybee, Catherine, author.
Thirteen senses : a memoir
Villaseñor, Victor.
The argonauts
Nelson, Maggie, 1973- author.
Love me sweet
Brogan, Tracy, author.
Secrets she kept
Gohlke, Cathy, author.
When I fall in love
Warren, Susan May, 1966- author.
The bones will speak : a Gwen Marcey novel
Parks, Carrie Stuart.
Erasing hell : what God said about eternity, and the things we made up
Chan, Francis, 1967-
Living among lions : how to thrive like Daniel in today's Babylon
Benham, David (Entrepreneur) author.
Searching for beautiful : a novel
Probst, Jennifer, author.
Five days in Skye : a novel
Laureano, C. E. (Carla E.) author.
Laurel Canyon : the inside story of rock-and-roll's legendary neighborhood
Walker, Michael, 1957-
New Perspecives Microsoft Office 365 and Excel 2016
Parsons, June Jamrich
Star wars, tales from the empire
CelebraTORI : unleashing your inner party planner to entertain friends and family
Spelling, Tori, 1973-
A man's life : dispatches from dangerous places
Jenkins, Mark, 1958 November 22-
The founders on the founders : word portraits from the American revolutionary era
The prodigy's cousin : the family link between autism and extraordinary talent
Ruthsatz, Joanne, author.
The naked mountain
Messner, Reinhold, 1944-
Enhancing Motivation for Change in Substance Abuse Treatment # 35 Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Late stories
Dixon, Stephen, 1936- author.
Crooked kingdom
Bardugo, Leigh, author.
Leave me : a novel
Forman, Gayle, author.
The more they disappear
Donaldson, Jesse, author.
The virginity of famous men : stories
Sneed, Christine, 1971- author.
Dory Dory black sheep
Hanlon, Abby, author, illustrator.
Moonlight brigade
London, C. Alexander, author.
Otis and the kittens
Long, Loren, author, illustrator.
Nickel : a novel
Wilder, Robert, auther.
Simmons, Kristen, author.
Vassa in the night
Porter, Sarah, 1969- author.
The tide : the science and stories behind the greatest force on earth
Aldersey-Williams, Hugh, author.
Afterward : a novel
Mathieu, Jennifer, author.
Frost like night
Raasch, Sara, author.
In the shadow of Liberty : the hidden history of slavery, four presidents, and five black lives
Davis, Kenneth C., author.
Kids of appetite
Arnold, David, 1981- author.
The last true love story
Kiely, Brendan, 1977- author.
The odds of lightning
Davies, Jocelyn, 1983- author.
A shadow bright and burning
Cluess, Jessica, author.
The swan riders
Bow, Erin, author.
Witch's pyre
Angelini, Josephine, author.
The forgetting machine
Hautman, Pete, 1952- author.
Mr. Putter & Tabby hit the slope
Rylant, Cynthia, author.
Doctor Who. The Twelfth Doctor. Vol. 2, Fractures
Morrison, Robbie, author.
Asterix and Obelix's birthday : the golden book
Goscinny, 1926-1977.
Asterix and the missing scroll
Ferri, Jean-Yves, author.
Asterix and the Picts
Ferri, Jean-Yves, author.
Cake day
Mayer, Ellen, author.
Design a skyscraper
Koll, Hilary, author.
Eye of the storm
Messner, Kate, author.
Fly a jet fighter
Koll, Hilary, author.
Launch a rocket into space
Koll, Hilary, author.
Maxwell the monkey barber
Atkinson, Cale, author, illustrator.
Solve a crime
Koll, Hilary, author.
I dissent : Ruth Bader Ginsburg made her mark
Levy, Debbie, author.
Owl sees owl
Godwin, Laura, author.
Mr. Eternity : a novel
Thier, Aaron, author.
Wrong place, (really) wrong time
Time, Nicholas O., author.
Click, clack, surprise!
Cronin, Doreen, author.
First light, first life : a worldwide creation story
Fleischman, Paul, author.
Yellow time
Stringer, Lauren, author illustrator.
The best man
Peck, Richard, 1934-, author.
Finding wonders : three girls who changed science
Atkins, Jeannine, 1953- author.
The female of the species
McGinnis, Mindy, author.
Stealing Snow
Paige, D. M., author.
Three dark crowns
Blake, Kendare, author.
We Are Not Such Things : The murder of a young American, a South African township, and the search for truth and reconciliation
Van der Leun, Justine, author.
American girls : social media and the secret lives of teenagers
Sales, Nancy Jo, author.
Been there, done that : family wisdom for modern times
Roker, Al, 1954- author.
Eat better, live better, feel better : alkalize your life...one delicious recipe at a time
Cove, Julie, author.
The fever of 1721 : the epidemic that revolutionized medicine and American politics
Coss, Stephen, author.
The girl with the lower back tattoo
Schumer, Amy, author.
In Trump we trust : e pluribus awesome!
Coulter, Ann H., author.
It didn't start with you : how inherited family trauma shapes who we are and how to end the cycle
Wolynn, Mark, author.
Look at you now : my journey from shame to strength
Pryor, Liz, 1961- author.
Love warrior
Melton, Glennon Doyle, 1976- author.
The one true barbecue : fire, smoke, and the pitmasters who cook the whole hog
Fertel, Rien, 1980- author.
Raising human beings : creating a collaborative partnership with your child
Greene, Ross W., author.
Real food/fake food : why you don't know what you're eating & what you can do about it
Olmsted, Larry, author.
The cookie fiasco
Willems, Mo, author, illustrator.
In plain sight : a game
Jackson, Richard, 1935- author.
We are growing!
Willems, Mo, author, illustrator.
Presenting Buffalo Bill : the man who invented the Wild West
Fleming, Candace, author.
The call
Ô Guilin, Peadar, author.
Bill Doolin : American outlaw
Brooks, Bill, 1943- author.
Among the gods
Austin, Lynn N.
The anchor
Bushala, Sam, author.
Sea Rose Lane : a Hope Harbor novel
Hannon, Irene, author.
The lost heiress
White, Roseanna M., 1982- author.
The invisible library
Cogman, Genevieve, author.
Hope Harbor : a novel
Hannon, Irene, author.
The girl from the train
Joubert, Irma, author.
Falling like snowflakes : a Summer Harbor novel
Hunter, Denise, 1968- author.
Anchor in the storm : a novel
Sundin, Sarah, author.
Always watching : a novel
Eason, Lynette, author.
A Patchwork Christmas collection.
This road we traveled
Kirkpatrick, Jane, 1946- author.
Out west : travels through the American West--past and present
Slessor, Tim, author.
Schow, Betsy, 1981- author.
Without warning
Eason, Lynette, author.
Cold shot
Pettrey, Dani, author.
Wet engine : exploring the mad wild miracle of the heart
Doyle, Brian, 1956 November 6- author.
Social media for writers : marketing strategies for building your audience and selling books
Morris, Tee, author.
Crazy little thing called love : a destination wedding novel
Vogt, Beth K., author.
Pierced : a novel
Enger, Thomas, 1973-
Essential oils natural remedies : the complete A-Z reference of essential oils for health and healing.
Switch on your brain : the key to peak happiness, thinking, and health
Leaf, Caroline, 1963- author.
Transformational resilience : how building human resilience to climate disruption can safeguard society and increase wellbeing
Doppelt, Bob, author.
Naturally sweet : bake all your favorites with 30% to 50% less sugar
Healing oils : 500 formulas for aromatherapy
Schiller, Carole, author.
Modern sex magick : secrets of erotic spirituality
Kraig, Donald Michael, 1951-
Thinking physics is gedanken physics
Epstein, Lewis Carroll.
Dark horses
Von Ziegesar, Cecily, author.
Dojo daycare
Tougas, Chris, author, illustrator.
Presumption of guilt
Mayor, Archer, author.
Christmas caramel murder
Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author.
An angel's touch
Graham, Heather.
Marvin and the moths
Holm, Matthew, author, illustrator.
The bicycle spy
McDonough, Yona Zeldis, author.
Winter sky : a novel
Stewart, Chris, 1960- author.
Unbound : a novel in verse
Burg, Ann E., author.
Born to run
Springsteen, Bruce, author.
Fly Guy's ninja Christmas
Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.
Where the wind leads : a refugee family's miraculous story of loss, rescue, and redemption
Chung, Vinh, 1975 author.
Recovery and renewal : your essential guide to overcoming dependency and withdrawal from sleeping pills, other 'benzo' tranquillisers and antidepressants
Frederick, Baylissa, author.
Fierce on the page : become the writer you were meant to be and succeed on your own terms
Cohen, Sage, author.
Dragon wytch
Galenorn, Yasmine, 1961-
Deadly grind
Hamilton, Victoria.
Sweet little lies : a Heartbreaker Bay novel
Shalvis, Jill, author.
Ultimate courage
Drake, Piper J., author.
Freezer I'll shoot
Hamilton, Victoria, 1957- author.
Bowled over
Hamilton, Victoria, 1957-
The Yosemite murders
McDougal, Dennis.
The collected short stories of Louis L'Amour : crime stories. Volume 6. Part 2
L'Amour, Louis, 1908-1988, author.
The highlander
Byrne, Kerrigan, author.
Extreme honor
Drake, Piper J., author.
Ross, Dana Fuller.
A tale of two biddies
Logan, Kylie, author.
Healing massage : an A-Z guide for more than forty medical conditions : for professional and home use
Abson, Maureen, author.
Rat Queens. Volume one, Sass and sorcery
Wiebe, Kurtis J., 1979- author.
Mastering basic cheesemaking : the fun and fundamentals of making cheese at home
Caldwell, Gianaclis, 1961- author.
Born to be wild : hundreds of free nature activities for families
Garlick, Hattie, author.
Good karma : how to create the causes of happiness and avoid the causes of suffering
Thubten Chodron 1950- author.
The everyday meat guide : a neighborhood butcher's advice book
Venezia, Ray, author.
Stash lab : simple solutions for scrap quilts
Alexander, Tonya, 1969- author.
My handmade wedding
Mercer, Marrianne, author.
Modern baby knits : 23 knitted baby garments, blankets, toys, and more!
Gray, Tanis, author.
Acrylic expressions : painting authentic themes and creating your visual vocabulary
Swider, Staci, author.
Essential oils and aromatherapy : an introductory guide : more than 300 recipes for health, home, and beauty.
Not without my father : one woman's 444-mile walk of the Natchez Trace
Watkins, Andra, author.
Hashimoto's thyroiditis : lifestyle interventions for finding and treating the root cause
Wentz, Izabella.
The crowdfunding handbook : raise money for your small business or start-up with equity funding portals
Ennico, Clifford R., author.
Fast after 50 : how to race strong for the rest of your life
Friel, Joe, author.
Westlake girl : my Oregon frontier childhood
Wampler, Frieda, 1919- author.
The five times I met myself
Rubart, James L., author.
Backlash : the undeclared war against American women
Faludi, Susan.
Chief Left Hand, Southern Arapaho
Coel, Margaret, 1937- author.
The primal wound : understanding the adopted child
Verrier, Nancy Newton.
Of gravity & angels
Hirshfield, Jane, 1953-
The Amish way : patient faith in a perilous world
Kraybill, Donald B.
It happened on the Underground Railroad : remarkable events that shaped history
Wagner, Tricia Martineau, author.
Vendetta : a novel
Harris, Lisa, 1969- author.
Pettrey, Dani, author.
A beauty so rare
Alexander, Tamera, author.
Microsoft Office 2016
Rutkosky, Nita Roggenkamp, Audrey Rutkosky, Ian
TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments
Woman of god
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
The creeping shadow
Stroud, Jonathan, author.
How to break a heart
Stewart, Kiera, author.
Phoebe and her unicorn. 1
Simpson, Dana, author.
Razzle dazzle unicorn : another phoebe and her unicorn adventure. 4
Simpson, Dana, author.
Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn, author.
Diary of a Tokyo teen : a Japanese-American girl travels to the land of trendy fashion, high-tech toilets and maid cafes
Inzer, Christine Mari, author, illustrator.
Ada Twist, scientist
Beaty, Andrea, author.
The book you're not supposed to have
Pastis, Stephan, author.
Adler, David A., author.
Fiona's little lie
Wells, Rosemary, author, illustrator.
Hooray for today!
Won, Brian, author, illustrator.
The Midsummer tomte and the little rabbits
Stark, Ulf, 1944- author.
Stormy night
Yoon, Salina, author.
Winter wonders
Hannigan, Kate, author.
Kelsey the spy
Singleton, Linda Joy, author.
Ghosts of Havana
Moss, Todd, author.
Shupe, Joanna, author.
Minute zero
Moss, Todd, author.
The touch
Wallace, Randall.
Hundred percent
Young, Karen Romano, author.
Kid Beowulf : the blood-bound oath
Fajardo, Alexis E., author, illustrator.
The princess and the warrior : a tale of two volcanoes
Tonatiuh, Duncan, author, illustrator.
The initiation
Pearson, Ridley, author.
As I descended
Talley, Robin, author.
The other boy
Hennessey, M. G., author.
Your kid's a brat and it's all your fault : nip the attitude in the bud--from toddler to tween
Glickman, Elaine Rose, author.
The Parthenon enigma
Connelly, Joan Breton, 1954- author.
Monninger, Joseph
Depravity, beastly tales part 1
Haag, M. J.
Housebroken : admissions of an untidy life
Notaro, Laurie, author.
Days of splendor, days of sorrow : a novel of Marie Antoinette
Grey, Juliet.
The French war bride
Wells, Robin (Robin Rouse), author.
Motorcycles I've loved
Brooks-Dalton, Lily, author.
A time to be brave
Moulder, Holly
iRules : what every tech-healthy family needs to know about selfies, sexting, gaming, and growing up
Hofmann, Janell Burley, author.
The countenance of the Father
Speyr, Adrienne von.
Diary of an oxygen thief
Anonymous, author.
Why good things happen to good people : how to live a longer, healthier, happier life by the simple act of giving
Post, Stephen Garrard, 1951- author.
Due for discard
St. George, Sharon, author.
Messy grace : how a pastor with gay parents learned to love others without sacrificing conviction
Kaltenbach, Caleb, author.
Book fair and foul
Chase, Erika, author.
Cast on, kill off
Sefton, Maggie.
Eternal hunger : Mark the vampire
Wright, Laura.
Law and author
Chase, Erika, author.
Toasting up trouble
Chase, Erika, author.
The boundless God
Speyr, Adrienne von.
A familiar tail
James, Delia, author.
Change the story, change the future : a living economy for a living earth
Korten, David C., author.
Wolf land
Niemeyer, Carter, author.
Confessions of Marie Antoinette : a novel
Grey, Juliet, author.
Keeping your child in mind : overcoming defiance, tantrums, and other everyday behavior problems by seeing the world through your child's eyes
Gold, Claudia M.
The headmistress of Rosemere
Ladd, Sarah E., author.
The neon rain
Burke, James Lee, 1936-
113 minutes
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
When we touch
Graham, Heather, author.
Amy, my daughter
Winehouse, Mitch.
Customer Service Skills for Success
Lucas, Robert W.
College Accounting a practical approach
Kaplan GED Test Premier 2015 with 2 practice tests
Van Slyke, Caren Kaplan
Pirate wars
Meyer, Kai.
Burgan, Michael, author.
Rogers Seavey, Lura, author.
Somervill, Barbara A., author.
Bjorklund, Ruth, author.
Rogers Seavey, Lura, author.
Sonneborn, Liz, author.
Figure photography : techniques for digital photographers
Pegram, Billy, author, photographer.
Nudes on location : posing and lighting for photographers
Lemon, Bill, author, photographer.
The practical nomad : how to travel around the world
Hasbrouck, Edward.
The sleepeasy solution : the exhausted parent's guide to getting your child to sleep-- from birth to age 5
Waldburger, Jennifer.
This wheel's on fire : Levon Helm and the story of the Band
Helm, Levon, author.
The painting workbook : how to get started and stay inspired
Hennessy, Alena, 1977- author.
Saga. Volume six
Vaughan, Brian K., author.
Lazy crafternoon
Fields, Stella, author.
The vaccine-friendly plan : Dr. Paul's safe and effective approach to immunity and health-from pregnancy through your child's teen years
Thomas, Paul MD, author.
What you must know about liver disease : a practical guide to using conventional and complementary treatments
Snyder, Rich, author.
Temperance creek : a memoir
Royes, Pamela, author.
Journey to Portugal : in pursuit of Portugal's history and culture
Saramago, José, author.
Warrior SOS : military veterans' stories of faith, emotional survival, and living with PTSD
Denning, Jeffrey J., 1973- author.
Kiss & tell : a romantic résumé, ages 0 to 22
Plant intelligence and the imaginal realm : beyond the doors of perception into the dreaming earth
Buhner, Stephen Harrod, author.
Prosper! : how to prepare for the future and create a world worth inheriting
Martenson, Chris, 1962- author.
Hiking the Sierra Nevada : a guide to the area's greatest hiking adventures
Parr, Barry, 1955- author.
Atheist manifesto : the case against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
Onfray, Michel, 1959-
The ultimate survival medicine guide : emergency preparedness for any disaster
Alton, Joseph, author.
Outlaw tales of the Old West : fifty true stories of desperados, crooks, criminals, and bandits
Never again good-bye
Blackstock, Terri, 1957-
Straight man
Russo, Richard, 1949-
To live's to fly : the ballad of the late, great Townes Van Zandt
Kruth, John.
What could he be thinking? : how a man's mind really works
Gurian, Michael, author.
A Lady at Willowgrove Hall
Ladd, Sarah E., author.
The heiress of Winterwood
Ladd, Sarah E.
Deceit, a beastly tale part 2
Haag, M.J., author.
Can we still believe the Bible? : an evangelical engagement with contemporary questions
Blomberg, Craig, author.
A journal of ramblings through the High Sierra of California by the university excursion party.
LeConte, Joseph, 1823-1901.
Grilling : delicious recipes for outdoor grills
Pickford, Louise.
Your brain at work : strategies for overcoming distraction, regaining focus, and working smarter all day long
Rock, David.
Get lucky : how to put planned serendipity to work for you and your business
Muller, Thor, 1971-
City of secrets : a novel
O'Nan, Stewart, 1961-.
Rock, Peter, 1967- author.
Plain wisdom : an invitation into an Amish home and the hearts of two women
Woodsmall, Cindy.
Ancient Greece : the dawn of the Western world
Durando, Furio.
The day the President was shot : the Secret Service, the FBI, a would-be killer, and the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan
O'Reilly, Bill, author.
Brat Farrar
Tey, Josephine, 1896 or 7-1952.
The intelligent REIT investor : how to build wealth with real estate investment trusts
Krewson-Kelly, Stephanie, author.
The emerald lie
Bruen, Ken, author.
Big food big love : down-home Southern cooking full of heart, from Seattle's Wandering Goose
Earnhardt, Heather, author.
The discourtesy of death
Brodrick, William, 1960- author.
The regulars : a novel
Clark, Georgia, author.
The secret life of bees
Kidd, Sue Monk.
The next pandemic : on the front lines against humankind's gravest dangers
Khan, Ali, MD, author.
At night
Bansch, Helga, author, illustrator.
Girl on a plane
Moss, Miriam, author.
Vásquez, Juan Gabriel, 1973- author.
The Hamilton affair : a novel
Cobbs, Elizabeth, author.
What the f : what swearing reveals about our language, our brains, and ourselves
Bergen, Benjamin K., author.
Behind closed doors
Paris, B. A., author.
The crow girl
Sund, Erik Axl, author.
Dear Mr. M : a novel
Koch, Herman, 1953- author.
If I forget you
Greene, Thomas Christopher, 1968- author.
The last days of night : a novel
Moore, Graham, 1981- author.
The service of the dead
Robb, Candace M., author.
The story of a brief marriage
Arudpragasam, Anuk, author.
Wolf Lake : a novel
Verdon, John, author.
Daisy in chains
Bolton, S. J., author.
Ming goes to school
Sullivan, Deirdre, author.
Teddy bear subtraction
McGrath, Barbara Barbieri, 1954- author.
Sunrise crossing
Thomas, Jodi, author.
Modern lovers
Straub, Emma, author.
The nix : a novel
Hill, Nathan, 1975- author.
Now and again : a novel
Rogan, Charlotte, author.
The orphan mother : a novel
Hicks, Robert, 1951- author.
The practical navigator
Metcalfe, Steve, author.
The risen : a novel
Rash, Ron, 1953- author.
The secret language of stones : a novel
Rose, M. J., 1953- author.
The swan book : a novel
Wright, Alexis, 1950- author.
We are all made of stars : a novel
Coleman, Rowan, author.
Written off
Copperman, E. J., 1957- author.
Ashes of fiery weather
Donohoe, Kathleen, author.
Darktown : a novel
Mullen, Thomas, author.
Easy pickings : a novel
Wheeler, Richard S., author.
A few right thinking men
Gentill, Sulari, author.
The fortunes
Davies, Peter Ho, 1966- author.
The high places : stories
McFarlane, Fiona, 1978- author.
I'm still here = Je suis là
Avit, Clélie, 1986- author.
Jerusalem : a novel
Moore, Alan, 1953- author.
Jonathan unleashed : a novel
Rosoff, Meg, author.
Zelitch, Simone, author.
Let the devil out
Loehfelm, Bill, author.
Liar's key
Neggers, Carla, author.
Loner : a novel
Wayne, Teddy, author.
The fixes
Matthews, Owen, author.
Labyrinth lost
Córdova, Zoraida, author.
Radical beauty : how to transform yourself from the inside out
Chopra, Deepak, author.
Catching a storyfish
Harrington, Janice N., author.
King Baby
Beaton, Kate, 1983- author, illustrator.
The poet's dog
MacLachlan, Patricia, author.
Home at last
Williams, Vera B., author, illustrator.
27 magic words
Moranville, Sharelle Byars, author.
The creepy case files of Margo Maloo
Weing, Drew, author.
Georgia peaches and other forbidden fruit
Brown, Jaye Robin, author.
Reynolds, Jason, author.
The monster on the road is me
Romney, J. P., author.
Tell me something real
Devlin, Calla, author.
Vietnam : a history of a war
Freedman, Russell, author.
Goslee, S. J., author.
Charlton, Blake, author.
Amelia Bedelia takes the cake
Parish, Herman, author.
Over the underworld
Shaughnessy, Adam, 1973- author.
The trees
Shaw, Ali, author.
War porn
Scranton, Roy, 1976- author.
A wreath of snow : a Victorian Christmas novella
Higgs, Liz Curtis.
Is that wise, Pig?
Thomas, Jan, 1958-, author.
The peculiar night of the blue heart
DeStefano, Lauren, author.
The plot to kill Hitler : Dietrich Donhoeffer, pastor, spy, unlikely hero
McCormick, Patricia, author.
The gatekeeper : Missy LeHand, FDR, and the untold story of the partnership that defined a presidency
Smith, Kathryn, 1956- author.
True believer : Stalin's last American spy
Marton, Kati, author.
Write the perfect book proposal : 10 that sold and why
Herman, Jeff, 1958- author.
Mini goats : everything you need to know to keep miniature goats in the city, country, or suburbs
Weaver, Sue, author.
The paleo comfort foods bible : more than 100 grain-free, dairy-free recipes for your favorite foods
Conrad, Anna, author.
Soldier, sister, spy, scout : women soldiers and patriots on the Western frontier
Enss, Chris, 1961- author.
And the bride wore white : seven secrets to sexual purity
Gresh, Dannah, 1967-
No time for fear : voices of American military nurses in World War II
Fessler, Diane Burke, author.
The military advantage : the Military.com guide to military and veterans benefits
Howell, Terry, author.
Radical spirits : spiritualism and women's rights in nineteenth-century America
Braude, Ann.
The good that men do
Martin, Michael A., author
The narrow edge : a tiny bird, an ancient crab, & an epic journey
Cramer, Deborah, author.
Get off the unicorn
McCaffrey, Anne.
Peterson first guide to urban wildlife
Landry, Sarah.
The she wolf
Druon, Maurice, 1918-2009, author.
Extreme medicine : how exploration transformed medicine in the twentieth century
Fong, Kevin, 1971- author.
Secrets about life every woman should know : ten principles for total emotional and spiritual fulfillment
De Angelis, Barbara.
Learning to breathe : one woman's journey of spirit and survival
Wright, Alison, 1961- author.
The olive picker : a memoir
Brettell, Kathryn, author.
The best travel writing. Volume 10 : true stories from around the world
Eden Hill
Higgs, Bill (Christian writer), author.
A murder of crows
McCauley, Terrence, author.
Pushing up daisies : an Agatha Raisin mystery
Beaton, M. C., author.
Zero-G. Book one : a novel
Shatner, William, author.
Blind sight
O'Connell, Carol, 1947- author.
Infamy : a novel
Tanenbaum, Robert, author.
Coben, Harlan, 1962- author.
The kept woman : a novel
Slaughter, Karin, 1971- author.
Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd : a Flavia de Luce novel
Bradley, C. Alan, 1938- author.
The wonder
Donoghue, Emma, 1969- author.
Love monster and the scary something
Bright, Rachel, author.
Walter's wonderful web
Hopgood, Tim, author, illustrator.
The adventurer's guide to successful escapes
White, Wade Albert, author.
The story of Egypt : the civilization that shaped the world
Fletcher, Joann, author.
Arabella of Mars
Levine, David D., 1961- author.
Walton, Jo, author.
Ultimate spy
Melton, H. Keith (Harold Keith), 1944- author.
About dinosaurs
McKay, Sindy.
After disasters
Dinh, Viet, 1974- author.
Big bad breakfast : the most important book of the day
Currence, John, author.
Damn delicious : 100 super easy, super fast recipes
Rhee, Chungah, author.
Miles, Ellen, author.
Kaffe fassett's bold blooms : quilts and other works celebrating flowers
Fassett, Kaffe, author.
Blue Madonna
Benn, James R., author.
Fall of Hades
Evans, Richard Paul, author.
Brain storms : the race to unlock the mysteries of Parkinson's disease
Palfreman, Jon, author.
Budhos, Marina Tamar, author.
Skye, Obert, author, illustrator.
Beautiful blue world
LaFleur, Suzanne M., author.
Children of exile
Haddix, Margaret Peterson, author.
Freedom over me
Bryan, Ashley, author, illustrator.
Snow white
Phelan, Matt, author, illustrator.
The imperial wife : a novel
Reyn, Irina, author.
John the Pupil : a novel
Flusfeder, D. L., 1960- author.
The wages of desire
Kelly, Stephen, author.
A morning with grandpa
Liu, Sylvia, author.
Griffin, Adele, author.
The burning tide
Auxier, Jonathan, author.
Duck on a tractor
Shannon, David, 1959- author.
Telgemeier, Raina, author, illustrator.
The littlest Bigfoot
Weiner, Jennifer, author.
A boy made of blocks : a novel
Stuart, Keith (Journalist), author.
Perfume River : a novel
Butler, Robert Olen, author.
The tea planter's wife : a novel
Jefferies, Dinah, 1948- author.
Two she-bears
Shalev, Meir, author.
Poppy the Pony
Small, Lily, author.
Half magic
Eager, Edward, author.
The only game
Lupica, Mike, author.
Second fiddle
Parry, Rosanne, author.
Prophet. 1, Remission
Halloween night
Fitzgerald, Shannon Moore
Epic cosplay costumes : a step-by-step guide to making and sewing your own costume designs
Good, Kristie, author.
Carle, Eric, author, illustrator.
The pigeon tunnel : stories from my life
Le Carré, John, 1931- author.
Yuge! : 30 years of Doonesbury on Trump
Trudeau, G. B., 1948- author, illustrator.
Mad, mad, mad world of climatism : mankind and climate change
Goreham, Steve, author.
Joan Blondell : a life between takes
Kennedy, Matthew, 1957-
Compassion : Davis, California : a compilation of concepts on compassion
Cascade-Siskiyou : poems
Trail, Pepper, 1953-
I am a story
Yaccarino, Dan, author, illustrator.
Talent Show Mix-up
Gutman, Dan, author.
My weird school goes to the museum
Gutman, Dan, author.
A new recruit
Beil, Michael D., author.
Rise of the lioness : restoring a habitat and its pride on the Liuwa Plains
Hague, Bradley, author.
This book is not about dragons
Thomas, Shelley Moore, author.
The water princess
Verde, Susan, author.
William and the witch's riddle
Crum, Shutta, author.
Blood brother : Jonathan Daniels and his sacrifice for civil rights
Wallace, Rich, author.
An obvious fact
Johnson, Craig, 1961- author.
Last man out
Lupica, Mike, author.
Simple : effortless food, big flavors
Henry, Diana, author.
Don't wake up the tiger
Teckentrup, Britta, author.
A perfect mess
Breen, Steve, author, illustrator.
Ninja bunny : sister vs. brother
Olson, Jennifer Gray, author, illustrator.
Hank's big day : the story of a bug
Kuhlman, Evan, author.
The journey
Sanna, Francesca, author, illustrator.
The music in George's head : George Gershwin creates Rhapsody in blue
Slade, Suzanne, author.
Against a brightening sky
Moyer, Jaime Lee, author.
The black snow : a novel
Lynch, Paul, 1977- author.
The nightingale before Christmas
Andrews, Donna, author.
Lucie Aubrac : the French resistance heroine who outwitted the Gestapo
Rees, Siân, 1965- author.
Nightmares! : the lost lullaby
Segel, Jason, 1980- author.
Hailey the Hedgehog
Small, Lily, author.
Phantom limbs
Garner, Paula, author.
The senility of Vladimir P.
Honig, Michael, author.
The reader
Chee, Traci, author.
Best reading buddies
O'Connor, Jane, author.
Stalking ground : a Timber Creek K-9 mystery
Mizushima, Margaret, author.
You can knit that : foolproof instructions for fabulous sweaters
Herzog, Amy, 1975- author.
Lackey, Mercedes, author.
The Sinking admiral
Doctor Who, the Tenth Doctor. Vol 3, The fountains of forever
Abadzis, Nick, author.
And the trees crept in
Kurtagich, Dawn, author.
Guess who, haiku
Caswell, Deanna, author.
As old as time : a twisted tale
Braswell, Liz, author.
Gutman, Dan, author.
Bella's fall coat
Plourde, Lynn, author.
How this book was made : based on a true story
Barnett, Mac, author..
The very fluffy kitty, Papillon
Kang, A. N., author.
Killing the rising sun : how America vanquished World War II Japan
O'Reilly, Bill, author.
Kimi ni todoke. Vol. 25 = From me to you
Shiina, Karuho, author, illustrator.
The politics of mourning : death and honor in Arlington National Cemetery
McElya, Micki, 1972- author.
Purely pumpkin : more than 100 wholesome recipes to share, savor, and warm your kitchen.
Day, Allison (Nutritionist) author, photographer.
A broken land
Ludlow, Jack, 1944- author.
The burning sky
Ludlow, Jack, 1944- author.
The secrets she kept
Novak, Brenda, author.
Invisible girl
Hemingway, Mariel, author.
The plant lover's guide to magnolias
Bunting, Andrew, author.
Girl mans up
Girard, M-E, author.
Whistlestop : my favorite stories from presidential campaign history
Dickerson, John, 1968- author.
Ladybug Girl and her Mama
Soman, David.
Hall, Michael, 1954- author, illustrator.
A most curious murder : a little library mystery
Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane, 1946- author.
The art and science of aging well : a physician's guide to a healthy body, mind, and spirit
Williams, Mark E., author.
Cast-iron cooking : recipes & tips for getting the most out of your cast-iron cookware
Narins, Rachael, author.
Paint yourself calm : colourful, creative mindfulness through watercolour
Haines, Jean, author.
One pan, two plates : vegetarian suppers : more than 70 weeknight meals for two
Snyder, Carla, author.
Paths to happiness : 50 ways to add joy to your life every day
Hoffman, Edward, 1951- author.
Relationship astrology : the beginner's guide to charting and predicting love, romance, chemistry, and compatibility
Bartlett, Sarah, 1952- author.
Haikyu!! 3, Go, Team Karasuno!
Furudate, Haruichi, 1983- author, illustrator.
The Tapper twins run for president
Rodkey, Geoff, 1970- author.
Big Nate. Revenge of the Cream Puffs
Peirce, Lincoln, author, illustrator.
Fast to the table freezer cookbook : freezer-friendly recipes and frozen food shortcuts
Rosenthal, Becky, author.
Be our guest : perfecting the art of customer service
Karolina's twins
Balson, Ronald H, author.
Mark of the plague
Sands, Kevin, author.
Lucy and Linh
Pung, Alice, author.
Things too huge to fix by saying sorry
Vaught, Susan, 1965- author.
The great Shelby Holmes
Eulberg, Elizabeth, author.
Lynch, Chris, 1962- author.
Manitou Canyon : a novel
Krueger, William Kent, author.
Live and let swim
O'Hara, Mo, author.
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
Musser, Gary l. Burger, William F. Peterson, Blake E.
Because I'm watching
Dodd, Christina, author.
The dread line
DeSilva, Bruce, author.
Doctor Who, the Eleventh Doctor. Vol. 3, Conversion
Ewing, Al, author.
One-punch man. 08
ONE, 1986- author.
Hand in hand
Wells, Rosemary, author, illustrator.
Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the whatever cure
Martin, Ann M., 1955- author.
Estate planning
Maple, Stephen M., author.
A call to arms : a novel
Hammond, William C., 1947-
For love of country : a novel
Hammond, William C., 1947-
How dark the night
Hammond, William C., 1947- author.
The power & the glory : a novel
Hammond, William C., 1947-
The waking fire
Ryan, Anthony, author.
I will not eat you
Lehrhaupt, Adam, author.
Inside your insides : a guide to the microbes that call you home
Eamer, Claire, 1947- author.
Mighty Jack. Book 1
Hatke, Ben, author.
My Washington, DC
Jakobsen, Kathy, author, illustrator.
Ocean animals from head to tail
Roderick, Stacey, author.
Danger close : my epic journey as a combat helicopter pilot in Iraq and Afghanistan
Smith, Amber (Amber Lane), 1981- author.
Breast cancer sourcebook : basic consumer health information about the prevalence, risk factors, and symptoms of breast cancer, including ductal and lobular carcinoma in situ, invasive carcinoma, inflammatory breast cancer, and breast cancer in men and pr
Just kill me
Selzer, Adam, author.
The memory of things
Polisner, Gae, author.
Mannering, G. R., author
Running girl
Mason, Simon, 1962- author.
Starmer, Aaron, 1976- author.
The thousandth floor
McGee, Katharine, author.
Damico, Gina, author.
A world without you
Revis, Beth, author.
The bad decisions playlist
Rubens, Michael, author.
Bandette in Stealers, keepers!
Tobin, Paul, 1965- author.
Beneath wandering stars
Cowles, Ashlee, author.
Bleach. 65, Marching out the zombies
Kubo, Tite, author, illustrator.
Bleach. Vol. 66, Sorry I am strong
Kubo, Tite, author, illustrator.
Bleach. 67, Black
Kubo, Tite, author, illustrator.
The crimson skew
Grove, S. E., author.
Crow smarts : inside the brain of the world's brightest bird
Turner, Pamela S., author.
Mannering, Rose, author.
The gilded cage
Gray, Lucinda, 1983- author.
Girl in pieces
Glasgow, Kathleen, 1969- author.
The Graces
Eve, Laure, author.
Ariol. #6, A nasty cat
Guibert, Emmanuel, author.
Ariol. #7, Top dog
Guibert, Emmanuel, author.
Ariol. 8. The three donkeys
Guibert, Emmanuel, author.
Becoming sister wives : the story of an unconventional marriage
Crow killer : the saga of Liver-Eating Johnson
Thorp, Raymond W., 1896-1966, author.
Lord Fenton's folly
Kilpack, Josi S., author.
Nathan Coulter : a novel
Berry, Wendell, 1934-
85 days : the last campaign of Robert Kennedy
Witcover, Jules, author.
A woman's best medicine : health, happiness, and long life through Maharishi Ayur-Veda
Lonsdorf, Nancy.
The paleo dessert bible :bmore than 100 delicious recipes for grain-free, dairy-free desserts
Conrad, Anna, author.
Fire lookouts of Oregon
Hill, Cheryl, 1979- author.
Murder and scandal in prohibition Portland : sex, vice and misdeeds in Mayor Baker's reign
Chandler, John Dean, author.
The Florida Keys & Everglades
Morris, Bruce, 1949- author.
I can't get over it : a handbook for trauma survivors
Matsakis, Aphrodite.
Divorce without court : a guide to mediation & collaborative divorce
Stoner, Katherine E., 1947-.
Death deals a hand
Dawson, Janet, author.
Under the harrow
Berry, Flynn, 1986- author.
Fodor's the complete guide to Alaska cruises
Ballas, Teeka, author.
Corazón de Dixie : Mexicanos in the U.S. South since 1910
Weise, Julie M., author.
Salt to summit : a vagabond journey from Death Valley to Mount Whitney
Arnold, Daniel, 1979-
Sweet healing : a whole health journey. Book one
Bedar, Michael, author.
A whisker of trouble
Ryan, Sofie, 1958- author.
Vanilla beaned
McKinlay, Jenn, author.
Not a penny more, not a penny less
Archer, Jeffrey, 1940-
Irish stewed
Logan, Kylie, author.
Rick Steves Great Britain.
Steves, Rick, 1955- author.
We the peeps : a political caper and wish fulfillment
Hunt, Morgan, author.
Davenport, Fionn, author.
McCarthy, Carolyn (Carolyn Marie), author.
Lombardi, Matthew, author.
Adult children of abusive parents : a healing program for those who have been physically, sexually, or emotionally abused
Farmer, Steven, author.
Omm Sety's Egypt : a story of ancient mysteries, secret lives, and the lost history of the Pharaohs
El Zeini, Hanny, 1918-
The Creaky Knees guide Pacific Northwest national parks & monuments : the 75 best easy hikes
Blair, Seabury.
Off the beaten path. Washington : a guide to unique places
Ernst, Chloë.
Introduction to cataloging and classification
Taylor, Arlene G., 1941-
Catalogue 2.0 : the future of the library catalogue
Cussler, Clive, author.
Commonwealth : a novel
Patchett, Ann, author.
Eternity's mind
Anderson, Kevin J., 1962- author.
Fates and traitors : a novel of John Wilkes Booth
Chiaverini, Jennifer, author.
Navigators of Dune
Herbert, Brian, author.
Nutshell : a novel
McEwan, Ian, author.
Robert B. Parker's debt to pay : a Jesse Stone novel
Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956- author.
Closed casket : the new Hercule Poirot mystery
Hannah, Sophie, 1971- author.
Faraway fox
Thompson, Jolene, author.
A hop is up
Dempsey, Kristy, author.
Swallow the leader : a counting book
Smith, Danna, author.
What a beautiful morning
Levine, Arthur A., 1962- author.
Thunder and Shadow
Hunter, Erin, author.
Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race
Lee Shetterly, Margot, author.
All the missing girls : a novel
Miranda, Megan, author.
The bones of paradise
Agee, Jonis, author.
A gentleman in Moscow
Towles, Amor, author.
Harmony : a novel
Parkhurst, Carolyn, 1971- author.
How to party with an infant
Hemmings, Kaui Hart, author.
The kind folk
Campbell, Ramsey, 1946- author.
Lady cop makes trouble
Stewart, Amy, author.
Mischling : a novel
Konar, Affinity, author.
The muse
Burton, Jessie, 1982- author.
The perfect girl : a novel
Macmillan, Gilly, author.
A Scot in the dark
MacLean, Sarah, author.
Still here : a novel
Vapnyar, Lara, 1971- author.
The unseen world
Moore, Liz, 1983- author.
Breakthrough : the making of America's first woman president
Cohen, Nancy L., author.
In such good company : eleven years of laughter, mayhem, and fun in the sandbox
Burnett, Carol, author.
The domino effect
Bunn, T. Davis, 1952- author.
Monticello : a daughter and her father
Gunning, Sally, author.
Every falling star : the true story of how I survived and escaped North Korea
Lee, Sungju, author.
Deuker, Carl, author.
The mighty odds
Ignatow, Amy, author.
A matter of honor
Hammond, William C., 1947-
I am drums
Grosso, Mike, author.
The Forgetting
Cameron, Sharon, 1970- author.
Thailand's islands & beaches
Beales, Mark.
Hudson Valley & the Catskills
Itoi, Nikki Goth, author.
This is a book / y cDemetri Martin.
Martin, Demetri, author.
Dawn at Emberwilde : a treasures of Surrey novel
Ladd, Sarah E., author.
Swept away
Carr, Robyn, author.
Tangle journey : exploring the far reaches of tangle drawing, from simple strokes to color and mixed media
Krahula, Beckah, author.
Mind your body : 4 weeks to a leaner, healthier life : 10 core concepts for an optimally balanced you
Harper, Joel, author.
The post-traumatic stress disorder sourcebook : a guide to healing, recovery, and growth
Schiraldi, Glenn R., 1947- author.
The I quit sugar cookbook
Wilson, Sarah (Nutritionist) author.
Abstract explorations in acrylic painting
Toye, Jo, author.
Dear daycare parent : the must-have guide to daycare for working parents : over 101 ways to improve your child's experience
Rioux, Jackie, author.
The art of whimsical stitching : creative stitch techniques and inspiring projects
Sharpe, Joanne, 1959- author.
The ARRL ham radio license manual : all you need to become an amateur radio operator
Silver, H. Ward, author.
Fine motor skills for children with Down syndrome : a guide for parents and professionals
Bruni, Maryanne, author.
Imaginary characters : mixed-media painting techniques for figures & faces
O'Brien, Karen (Artist) author, illustrator.
The 2-step low-FODMAP eating plan : how to build a custom diet that relieves the symptoms of IBS, lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity
Shepherd, Sue, author.
The queen of air and darkness
Anderson, Poul, 1926-2001.
Flora of Oregon. Volume 1, Pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and monocots
My first summer in the Sierra
Muir, John, 1838-1914.
Plays, prose writings, and poems
Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.
The curse of tenth grave
Jones, Darynda, author.
Palmer, Diana.
Field of graves
Ellison, J. T., author.
Always a cowboy
Miller, Linda Lael, author.
A gathering in Hope : a novel
Gulley, Philip, author.
Winter's child
Coel, Margaret, 1937- author.
Mrs. Moody in the birthday jinx
McDonald, Megan, author.
Prince of outcasts : a novel of the Change
Stirling, S. M., author.
The last kids on earth and the zombie parade
Brallier, Max, author.
Monkey : not ready for the baby
Brown, Marc Tolon, author.
Troll overboard
Harrell, Rob, author, illustrator.
Song of the deep
Hastings, Brian, author.
The dh
Feinstein, John, author.
The land of stories : the wishing spell
Colfer, Chris, 1990- author.
The last adventure of Constance Verity : book one
Martinez, A. Lee, author.
Ms. marvel. Vol. 5, Super famous
Wilson, G. Willow, 1982- author.
This savage song
Schwab, Victoria, author.
Hitler : ascent 1889-1939
Ullrich, Volker, 1943-
Substitute : going to school with a thousand kids
Baker, Nicholson, author.
A child of books
Jeffers, Oliver, author, illustrator.
Curse of the boggin
MacHale, D. J., author.
The monster next door
Soman, David, author, illustrator.
Motor miles
Burningham, John, author, illustrator.
Six dots : a story of young Louis Braille
Bryant, Jennifer, author.
After one-hundred-and-twenty : reflecting on death, mourning, and the afterlife in the Jewish tradition
Halkin, Hillel, 1939- author.
The complete guide to practically perfect grandparenting : stories, nursery rhymes, recipes, games, crafts, and more
Gehring, Abigail R., author.
The first signs : unlockingt the mysteries of the world's oldest symbols
Von Petzinger, Genevieve.
Superforecasting : the art and science of prediction
Tetlock, Philip E. (Philip Eyrikson), 1954- author.
The angel : the Egyptian spy who saved Israel
Bar-Joseph, Uri, author.
For the love of money : a memoir
Polk, Sam, author.
The Nordic theory of everything : in search of a better life
Partanen, Anu, author.
Run fast. eat slow. : nourishing recipes for athletes
Flanagan, Shalane, author.
The angels' share : a Bourbon Kings novel
Ward, J. R., 1969- author.
Another Brooklyn : a novel
Woodson, Jacqueline, author.
Behold the dreamers : a novel
Mbue, Imbolo, author.
Enchanted Islands : a novel
Amend, Allison, author.
Leaving Lucy Pear
Solomon, Anna, author.
The natural way of things
Wood, Charlotte, 1965- author.
Ring of fire IV
Roth, Philip.
Rain dogs
McKinty, Adrian, author.
Love's enduring promise
Oke, Janette, 1935-
Last call at the Nightshade Lounge : a novel of magic and mixology
Krueger, Paul, author.
A broken vessel
Ross, Kate.
Raising happiness : 10 simple steps for more joyful kids and happier parents
Carter, Christine, 1972-
The Gospel of Judas
Purple glass : 20th century American & European
Piña, Leslie A., 1947-
Out came the sun : overcoming the legacy of mental illness, addiction, and suicide in my family
Hemingway, Mariel, author.
The pattern making primer : all you need to know about designing, adapting & customizing sewing patterns
Barnfield, Jo.
The hawkweed prophecy
Brignull, Irena, author.
Here I am : a novel
Foer, Jonathan Safran, 1977- author.
Take no prisoners
Gerard, Cindy, author.
Caillou, potty time
Sanschagrin, Joceline, 1950- author.
Frank Einstein and the evoBlaster belt
Scieszka, Jon, author.
Classic at bay
Myers, Amy, author.
The coaster
Wurster, Erich, author
Many a tear has to fall
Francis, June, 1941- author.
Welcome to deadland
Linville, Zachary Tyler, author.
Effective fundraising for nonprofits : real-world strategies that work
Bray, Ilona M., 1962- author.
Then and now : a memoir
Cook, Barbara, author.
Teach yourself visually Windows 10
McFedries, Paul, author.
The ascension mysteries : revealing the cosmic battle between good and evil
Wilcock, David, 1973- author.
Bento's sketchbook
Berger, John.
Simple to spectacular : how to take one basic recipe to four levels of sophistication
Vongerichten, Jean-Georges.
Tinyville Town gets to work
Biggs, Brian, author, illustrator.
Never argue with a dead person : true and unbelievable stories from the other side
John, Thomas (Psychic medium) author.
Hands free mama : a guide to putting down the phone, burning the to-do list, and letting go of perfection to grasp what really matters!
Stafford, Rachel Macy, 1972- author.
The memory garden
Rickert, M. (Mary), 1959- author.
The lily and the lion
Druon, Maurice, 1918-2009, author.
The wildest place on Earth : Italian gardens and the invention of wilderness
Mitchell, John Hanson, author.
Who is this man? : the unpredictable impact of the inescapable Jesus
Ortberg, John, author.
Understanding gender dysphoria : navigating transgender issues in a changing culture
Yarhouse, Mark A., 1968- author.
Invincible summer : traveling America in search of yesterday's baseball greats
D'Antonio, Dave, 1960-
In a world created by a drunken God
Taylor, Drew Hayden, 1962-
The house that cleans itself
Clark, Mindy Starns.
Girl defined : God's radical design for beauty, femininity, and identity
Clark, Kristen, 1987- author.
Earthen floors : a modern approach to an ancient practice
Crimmel, Sukita Reay, author.
There is a God : how the world's most notorious atheist changed his mind
Flew, Antony, 1923-
A sane woman's guide to raising a large family
Ostyn, Mary.
More was lost
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