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New Books

Unfolding : a novel Unfolding : a novel
Friesen, Jonathan, author.
The wizard The wizard's war
Luper, Eric, author.
Simon Thorn and the viper Simon Thorn and the viper's pit
Carter, Aimée, 1986- author.
Simon Thorn and the wolf Simon Thorn and the wolf's den
Carter, Aimée, 1986- author.
Into the shadows Into the shadows
Hunter, Erin, author.
Haikyu!! 8, Former lonely tyrant Haikyu!! 8, Former lonely tyrant
Furudate, Haruichi, 1983- author, illustrator.
N of 1 : one man N of 1 : one man's Harvard-documented remission of incurable cancer using only natural methods
Sabin, Glenn, author.
Always happy hour : stories Always happy hour : stories
Miller, Mary, 1977- author.
The blue hour : a novel The blue hour : a novel
Pritchett, Laura, 1971- author.
The possessions : a novel The possessions : a novel
Murphy, Sara Flannery, author.
Timekeeper Timekeeper
Sim, Tara, author.
The case of the snack snatcher The case of the snack snatcher
O'Donnell, Liam, 1970- author.
My not so perfect life : a novel My not so perfect life : a novel
Kinsella, Sophie, author.
Plants vs. zombies. Boom boom mushroom Plants vs. zombies. Boom boom mushroom
Tobin, Paul, author.
Antoinette Antoinette
DiPucchio, Kelly, author.
Mighty, mighty construction site Mighty, mighty construction site
Rinker, Sherri Duskey, author.
Robins! : how they grow up Robins! : how they grow up
Christelow, Eileen, author.
Lincoln in the bardo : a novel Lincoln in the bardo : a novel
Saunders, George, 1958- author.
I I'm not ready!
Allen, Jonathan, 1957- author, illustrator.
I I'm not sleepy!
Allen, Jonathan, 1957-
Angel Catbird. Volume 2, To Castle Catula Angel Catbird. Volume 2, To Castle Catula
Atwood, Margaret, 1939- author.
At the edge of the universe At the edge of the universe
Hutchinson, Shaun David, author.
Beheld Beheld
Flinn, Alex, author.
Blood of Wonderland Blood of Wonderland
Oakes, Colleen, author.
A crack in the sea A crack in the sea
Bouwman, H. M., author.
Dogs at war : military canine heroes Dogs at war : military canine heroes
Goldsmith, Connie, 1945- author.
Gorilla dawn Gorilla dawn
Lewis, Gill, author.
Nowhere near you Nowhere near you
Thomas, Leah, 1989- author.
The radius of us The radius of us
Marquardt, Marie F., 1972- author.
You don You don't know my name
Orlando, Kristen, author.
Incidents of travel in poetry : new and selected poems Incidents of travel in poetry : new and selected poems
Lima, Frank, 1939- author.
As far as the heart can see : stories to illuminate the soul As far as the heart can see : stories to illuminate the soul
Nepo, Mark.
The teenage body book The teenage body book
McCoy, Kathy, 1945- author.
Cooking that counts : 1,200-1,500-calorie meal plans to lose weight deliciously Cooking that counts : 1,200-1,500-calorie meal plans to lose weight deliciously
Editors of Cooking Light, author.
Spouse on haunted hill Spouse on haunted hill
Copperman, E. J., 1957- author.
Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail Oregon : section hiking from donomore pass to bridge of the gods Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail Oregon : section hiking from donomore pass to bridge of the gods
Boschetto, Eli, author.
The permaculture promise : what permaculture is and how it can help us reverse climate change, build a more resilient future on Earth, and revitalize our communities The permaculture promise : what permaculture is and how it can help us reverse climate change, build a more resilient future on Earth, and revitalize our communities
Neiger, Jono, author.
My house of memories : an autobiography My house of memories : an autobiography
Haggard, Merle.
A new oracle of Kabbalah : mystical teachings of the Hebrew letters A new oracle of Kabbalah : mystical teachings of the Hebrew letters
Seidman, Richard, author.
Mr. McFunny Mr. McFunny's summer olympics jokes for kids
Seidman, Richard
King of doubt King of doubt
Gibb, Peter
The gunslinger The gunslinger
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
Denmark Denmark
Stein, R. Conrad, author.
Madagascar Madagascar
Orr, Tamra, author.
Nicaragua Nicaragua
Mara, Wil, author.
Algeria Algeria
Hintz, Martin, author.
Antarctica Antarctica
Mara, Wil, author.
Norway Norway
Mara, Wil, author.
Enter a glossy web Enter a glossy web
Ruebush, McKenna, author.
El Pequeño Elliot y su gran familia El Pequeño Elliot y su gran familia
Curato, Mike, author, illustrator.
Drowning tides
Harper, Karen (Karen S.) author.
Fraknoi, Andrew ; Et Ux
U.S. History
Corbett, P. Scott ; Et Ux
Spielman, Rose M. ; Et Ux
Concepts of Biology
Fowler, Samantha ; Et Ux
Principles of Economics
Taylor, Timothy ; Et Ux
University Physics : Volumes 1, 2 & 3
Ling, Samuel ; Et Ux
Calculus : Volume 1
Strang, Gilbert ; Et Ux
Introduction to Sociology 2e
Griffiths, Heathert ; Et Ux
The lost woman
Blædel, Sara, author.
Stolen beauty : a novel
Lico Albanese, Laurie, 1959- author.
Truevine : two brothers, a kidnapping, and a mother's quest : a true story of the Jim Crow South
Macy, Beth, author.
King's cage
Aveyard, Victoria, author.
Lola Levine meets Jelly and Bean
Brown, Monica, 1969- author.
The Harlem charade
Tarpley, Natasha, author.
What's your favorite favorite?
Shea, Bob, author.
A tragic kind of wonderful
Lindstrom, Eric, 1965- author.
Landers, Melissa, author.
Claiming Noah : a novel
Ortlepp, Amanda, author.
The impossible fortress : a novel
Rekulak, Jason, author.
The runaway midwife
Harman, Patricia, 1943- author.
365 things to do with LEGO bricks
Hugo, Simon, author.
Kamisama kiss. 23
Suzuki, Julietta, author, illustrator.
This & that
Fox, Mem, 1946- author.
The unbeatable Squirrel Girl : squirrel meets world
Hale, Shannon, author.
Wild ones. Vol. 2
Fujiwara, Kiyo.
Wild ones. Vol. 7
Fujiwara, Kiyo.
Wild ones. Vol. 8
Fujiwara, Kiyo.
Yours Truly
Frederick, Heather Vogel, author.
Beautiful oops!
Saltzberg, Barney.
A pig, a fox, and stinky socks
Fenske, Jonathan, author, illustrator.
Portland Farmers Market cookbook : 100 seasonal recipes and stories that celebrate local food and people
Jackson, Ellen, 1964- author.
Shirley Trevena's watercolors.
Trevena, Shirley, author, artist.
Trees in paradise : a California history
Farmer, Jared, 1974- author.
The secret project
Winter, Jonah, 1962- author.
Robert B. Parker's revelation
Knott, Robert, 1954- author.
The longest trail : writings on American Indian history, culture, and politics
Josephy, Alvin M., 1915-2005, author.
The supergirls : fashion, feminism, fantasy, and the history of comic book heroines
Madrid, Mike, author.
Anam cara : a book of Celtic wisdom
O'Donohue, John, 1956-
Midnight in Malmö
MacLeod, Torquil, 1953- author.
Listening for the heartbeat of God : a Celtic spirituality
Newell, J. Philip.
The franchise affair
Tey, Josephine, 1896 or 7-1952.
The beeswax workshop : how to make your own natural candles, cosmetics, cleaners, soaps, healing balms and more
Dalziel, Chris, author.
Lukewarming : the new climate science that changes everything
Michaels, Patrick J., author.
Red medicine : traditional indigenous rites of birthing and healing
Gonzales, Patrisia.
A street officer's guide to report writing
Scalise, Frank.
The dictionary of criminal justice
Rush, George E. (George Eugene), 1932-
Criminal courts : structure, process, and issues
Champion, Dean J.
Criminal law
Worrall, John L.
Corrections : foundations for the future
Stinchcomb, Jeanne B.
The juvenile justice system : delinquency, processing, and the law
Champion, Dean J.
Black wealth, white wealth : a new perspective on racial inequality
Oliver, Melvin L.
Capital punishment in America : a balanced examination
Mandery, Evan J.
Ethics, crime, and criminal justice
Williams, Christopher R., 1972-
Judicial process : law, courts, and politics in the United States
Neubauer, David W.
Arduino project handbook : 25 practical projects to get you started
Geddes, Mark, author.
Substance abuse : information for school counselors, social workers, therapists, and counselors
Fisher, Gary L.
Draw like this! : how anyone can see the world like an artist -- and capture it on paper
Locke, Christopher, 1978- author.
Criminology : a sociological approach
Beirne, Piers.
Criminal investigation : an illustrated case study approach
Lasley, James R.
Criminal investigation
Lyman, Michael D.
Schmalleger, Frank.
Alarid, Leanne Fiftal, 1967-
Juvenile delinquency
Bartollas, Clemens.
Enforcing ethics : a scenario-based workbook for police and corrections recruits and officers
Goodman, Debbie J.
Criminal procedure
Worrall, John L.
Community-based corrections
Alarid, Leanne Fiftal, 1967-
Conklin, John E.
Professional ethics in criminal justice : being ethical when no one is looking
Albanese, Jay S.
Corrections in America : an introduction
Allen, Harry E.
Corrections in America : an introduction
Allen, Harry E.
Juvenile delinquency
Bartollas, Clemens.
Corrections : an introduction
Seiter, Richard P.
American criminal courts
Roberson, Cliff, 1937-
Fagin, James A. (James Arlie)
Gantefü̈hrer-Trier, Anne, author.
Procedures in the justice system
Roberson, Cliff, 1937-
Criminal evidence
Garland, Norman M., author.
The police in America : an introduction
Walker, Samuel, 1942-
America's courts and the criminal justice system
Neubauer, David W.
Criminal evidence
Garland, Norman M.
Prisons : today and tomorrow
Algebra and Trigonometry
Abramson, Jay ; Et Ux
Anatomy & Physiology
Betts, J. Gordon ; Et Ux
The manga fashion bible : the go-to guide for drawing stylish outfits and characters
Hart, Christopher, 1957- author.
The perfect resume : resumes that work in the new economy!
Quillen, W. Daniel, author.
Reaching and teaching children exposed to trauma
Sorrels, Barbara.
Mind : a journey to the heart of being human
Siegel, Daniel J., 1957- author.
The cyber effect : a pioneering cyber-psychologist explains how human behavior changes online
Aiken, Mary, author.
The transgender teen : a handbook for parents and professionals supporting transgender and non-binary teens
Brill, Stephanie A., author.
Home buying kit for dummies
Tyson, Eric (Eric Kevin), [author]
Drone : remote control warfare
Gusterson, Hugh.
Head in the cloud : why knowing things still matters when facts are so easy to look up
Poundstone, William, author.
Naming thy name : cross talk in Shakespeare's sonnets
Scarry, Elaine, author.
How you can survive when they're depressed : living and coping with depression fallout
Sheffield, Anne.
Black Elk : the life of an American visionary
Jackson, Joe, 1955- author.
Shaman's mirror : poems
Beurkens, Beth.
Knock 'em dead cover letters : cover letters and strategies to get the job you want
Yate, Martin John, author.
This will make you smarter : new scientific concepts to improve your thinking
Voter fraud
Hate crimes in cyberspace
Citron, Danielle Keats, 1968- author.
The Jevons Paradox and the Myth of Resource Efficiency Improvements.
Roossinck, Marilyn J., author.
Knock 'em dead resumes : a killer resume gets more job interviews!
Yate, Martin John, author.
One toss of the dice : the incredible story of how a poem made us modern
Bloch, R. Howard, author.
Herb gardening : how to prepare the soil, choose your plants, and care for, harvest, and use your herbs
Snyder, Melissa Melton, author.
At all costs
Weber, David, 1952-
Dragon captives
McMann, Lisa, author.
Galing, Ed, author.
Blueberry pancakes forever
Banks, Angelica, author.
Princess Posey and the first grade play
Greene, Stephanie, author.
The cruelty
Bergstrom, Scott, author.
ABC pasta : an entertaining alphabet
Medina, Juana, 1980- author.
The clairvoyants : a novel
Brown, Karen, 1960- author.
Treasured lands : a photographic odyssey through America's national parks
Luong, Q T, author, photographer.
Naughty Mabel
Lane, Nathan, 1956- author.
Rabbit & Robot and Ribbit
Bell, Cece, author, illustrator.
Denton Little's still not dead
Rubin, Lance, 1981- author.
Doctor Who, the tenth doctor. Vol 6, Sins of the father
Abadzis, Nick, author.
Wild ones. Vol. 1
Fujiwara, Kiyo.
Wild ones. Vol. 10
Fujiwara, Kiyo.
Wild ones. Vol. 5
Fujiwara, Kiyo.
Wild ones. Vol. 6
Fujiwara, Kiyo.
Wild ones. Vol. 9
Fujiwara, Kiyo.
Jae-Jones, S. author.
The Atlantis world
Riddle, A. G, author.
The big sheep
Kroese, Robert, author.
Ellis, Warren, author.
Born of vengeance
Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- author.
A book of American martyrs
Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- author.
Garden of lamentations
Crombie, Deborah, author.
Christendom destroyed : Europe 1517-1648
Greengrass, Mark, 1949- author.
Careless people : murder, mayhem, and the invention of The Great Gatsby
Churchwell, Sarah Bartlett, 1970- author.
Paleo cooking with your instant pot : 80 incredible gluten- and grain-free recipes made twice as delicious in half the time
Robins, Jennifer, author.
Tower of thunder : a novel
Heimerdinger, Chris.
Stones for Bread
Parrish, Christa, author.
Blood assassin
Ivy, Alexandra, author.
Roberts, Nora, author.
Blood kin : a novel of the half-light city
Scott, M. J. (Melanie Joy), 1971-
Fire kin
Scott, M. J. (Melanie Joy), 1971- author.
Halfway to the grave : a night huntress novel
Frost, Jeaniene.
Shadow kin : a novel of the half-light city
Scott, M. J. (Melanie Joy), 1971-
Alaska skies
Macomber, Debbie, author.
The search : the continuing story of the tracker
Brown, Tom, 1950 Sept. 17-
Putin's kleptocracy : who owns Russia?
Dawisha, Karen, author.
Essential oils
Curtis, Susan (Homeopath) author.
The lady of the lakes : the love story of Sir Walter Scott
Kilpack, Josi S., author.
Limits to growth : the 30-year update
Meadows, Donella H.
"All the real Indians died off" : and 20 other myths about Native Americans
Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne, 1939- author.
The stolen voice
McIntosh, Pat.
Why the West rules-- for now : the patterns of history, and what they reveal about the future
Morris, Ian, 1960-
Achieving our country : leftist thought in twentieth-century America
Rorty, Richard. author.
The Worthington wife
Page, Sharon, author.
Life by the cup : inspiration for a purpose-filled life
Muzyka, Zhena, author.
The Compound effect : multiplying your success, one simple step at a time
Hardy, Darren.
Wires and nerve. Volume 1
Meyer, Marissa, author.
American Government
Krutz, Glen ; Et Ux
Two by two
Sparks, Nicholas, author.
Bridget Jones's baby : the diaries
Fielding, Helen, 1958- author.
La barbarie
Vázquez-Figueroa, Alberto, author.
Clara-mente : una guía sencilla y eficaz para aprender a meditar
Dyvia, Alma, author.
Plantas medicinales
Clery, Frédéric, author.
Zumos para una vida sana
Wheater, Caroline, author.
Eleanor & Park
Rowell, Rainbow, author.
La espía
Coelho, Paulo, author.
Harry Potter y el legado maldito. Partes uno y dos
Thorne, Jack, author, creator.
Italian English visual bilingual dictionary.
German English visual bilingual dictionary
Bilingual visual dictionary
Les œufs verts au jambon
Seuss, Dr.
Being good = Être un bon enfant : English-French
¡A toda marcha!
Kinney, Jeff, author.
Última parada de la calle Market
de la Peña, Matt, author.
Iván : la increíble historia del gorila del centro comercial
Applegate, Katherine, author.
Hawkins, Matt (Comic book writer), author.
Feeling bad, getting better : a kid's guide to illness and injury
McGrath, Tom, 1950- author.
Felicity Floo visits the zoo
Redmond, E. S.
Physicians' desk reference 2017.
Pirate utopia
Sterling, Bruce, author.
Shawl, Nisi, author.
Troubleshooting for jewelers : common problems, why they happen, & how to fix them
Munro, Frieda, author.
Envelope poems
Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886, author.
Queer sexualities in early film : cinema and male-male intimacy
Brown, Shane (Shane Lee)
Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street
Pitt, George Dibdin, 1799-1855.
From the headlines to Hollywood : the birth and boom of Warner Bros.
Yogerst, Chris, 1983- author.
Doctor Who whographica : an infographic guide to space and time
Guerrier, Simon, author.
Speaking American* : *how y'all, youse, and you guys talk : a visual guide
Katz, Josh, author.
The clothing of books
Lahiri, Jhumpa, author.
College success for students with disabilities : a guide to finding and using resources, with real-world stories
Ingersoll, Irene, 1955- author.
From the war on poverty to the war on crime : the making of mass incarceration in America
Hinton, Elizabeth Kai, 1983- author.
Prisoner reentry in the era of mass incarceration
Mears, Daniel P., 1966-
Narconomics : how to run a drug cartel
Wainwright, Tom, 1982- author.
Can a city be sustainable?
What color is a conservative? : my life and my politics
Watts, J. C. (Julius Caesar), 1957-
Uncommon sense : the strangest ideas from the smartest philosophers
Pessin, Andrew, 1962-
How learning works : seven research-based principles for smart teaching
Th AVR Microcontroller and Embedded Systems: using assembly and c
Azidi, Muhammed Ali
Big Nate from the top
Peirce, Lincoln.
Roman Dirge's Lenore, Swirlies
Dirge, Roman.
A history of travel in 50 vehicles
Grey, Paula, author.
Swimming lessons
Fuller, Claire, author.
The sky between you and me
Alene, Catherine, author.
The turn : the hollows begins with death
Harrison, Kim, 1966- author.
Echos in death
Robb, J. D., 1950- author.
The refugees
Nguyen, Viet Thanh, 1971- author.
Light in the lions' den
Hering, Marianne, author.
The lost house : a seek and find book
Cronin, B. B., author, illustrator.
B.U.R.P. strikes back
Mass, Wendy, 1967- author.
The wall of fame game
Allen, Crystal, author.
Audacity Jones steals the show
Larson, Kirby, author.
Bubbles and Boo
Miles, Ellen, author.
Chirri & Chirra
Doi, Kaya, 1969- author, illustrator.
4 3 2 1
Auster, Paul, 1947- author.
Silver stars
Grant, Michael, 1954- author.
The 12-week year : get more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months
Moran, Brian, 1959-
The big book of weaving : handweaving in the Swedish tradition : techniques, patterns, designs, and materials
Lundell, Laila, author.
Change me prayers : the hidden power of spiritual surender
Silver, Tosha, author.
Creating freedom : the lottery of birth, the illusion of consent, and the fight for our future
Martinez, Raoul (Documentarian), author.
Superfoods superfast : 100 energizing recipes to make in 20 minutes or less
Montagu, Julie, author.
The revenge of analog : real things and why they matter
Sax, David, author.
I liked my life
Fabiaschi, Abby, author.
The edge of everything
Giles, Jeff, author.
One lonely fish : a counting book with bite!
Mansfield, Andy (Paper engineer) author.
Beauty and the Beast
Rylant, Cynthia, author.
Bodeen, S. A. (Stephanie A.), 1965- author.
Because of an acorn
Schaefer, Lola M., 1950- author.
Break the siege : make your own catapults
Ives, Rob, author.
No more blanket for Lambkin!
Ford, Bernette G.
Sonia Sotomayor : a judge grows in the Bronx/la juez que creció en el Bronx
Winter, Jonah.
Grumpy feet
Stubbs, Lisa, author, illustrator.
The life and times of Persimmon Wilson : a novel
Peacock, Nancy, author.
Lillian Boxfish takes a walk
Rooney, Kathleen, 1980- author.
Little deaths : a novel
Flint, Emma, author.
The Road ahead : stories of the Forever War
A word for love
Robbins, Emily, author.
The afterlife of stars
Kertes, Joseph, 1951-, author.
The animators : a novel
Whitaker, Kayla Rae, author.
Apricot's revenge : a crime novel
Song, Ying, 1944- author.
The fifth letter
Moriarty, Nicola, author.
The fire by night
Messineo, Teresa, author.
House revenge
Lawson, Michael, 1948- author.
Garber, Stephanie, author.
Smoke and mirrors
Griffiths, Elly, author.
A buccaneer at heart
Laurens, Stephanie, author.
Burning bright
Petrie, Nicholas, author.
Chapel of ease : a novel of the tufa
Bledsoe, Alex, author.
Fever dream : a novel
Schweblin, Samanta, 1978- author.
First light
Rancic, Bill, author.
Her every fear : a novel
Swanson, Peter, 1968- author.
The returning
Dekker, Rachelle, author.
Small admissions : a novel
Poeppel, Amy, author.
Rivers of sunlight : how the sun cycles water around the earth
Bang, Molly, author, illustrator.
Lee, Fonda, author.
El salvaje
Arriaga Jordán, Guillermo, 1958- author.
Tenebroso : el último inmortal
Acosta Hernández, Juvenal, 1961- author.
The mouse and the moon
Alborozo, Gabriel 1972- author, illustrator.
Murder most holy : being the third of the Sorrowful mysteries of Brother Athelstan
Doherty, P. C.
The four Graces
Stevenson, D. E. (Dorothy Emily), 1892-1973, author.
The heart of centering prayer : nondual Christianity in theory and practice
Bourgeault, Cynthia, author.
The iron duke
Brook, Meljean.
Sandy toes
Gunn, Robin Jones, 1955- author.
Words are my matter : writings about life and books, 2000-2016 with a journal of a writer's week
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929- author.
Shirley : a novel
Merrell, Susan Scarf, author.
Sin city assassin
Swinney, Chris.
Full circle
Swinney, Chris.
Abdo, Ian
Widow's weeds
De Cayette, Suzanne
Swinney, Chris.
Chasing echoes
Perkins, Jodi, author.
Something to howl about
Morley, Diana
Phas out the liar's moon
Wallace, Douglas
Doctor Who, the Eleventh Doctor. Vol. 1, After life
Ewing, Al, author.
Doctor Who. The Twelfth Doctor. Vol. 3, Hyperion
Morrison, Robbie, author.
Newton & Polly : a novel of Amazing Grace
Hedlund, Jody, author.
Beagle, Peter S., author.
Married to her enemy
Fletcher, Jenni, author.
Making mini books : big ideas for 30+ little projects
McCafferty, Kathleen, 1977-
The perils of command
Donachie, David, 1944- author.
Armentrout, Jennifer L.
Spiritual journaling : writing your way to independence
Johnson, Julie Tallard.
The masked city
Cogman, Genevieve, author.
After the crown
Wagers, K. B., author.
A portrait of Emily Price
Reay, Katherine, 1970- author.
Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Gray
Love, Dorothy, 1949- author.
Midwife of the Blue Ridge
Blevins, Christine.
Climate change : what everyone needs to know
Romm, Joseph, author.
A moonbow night
Frantz, Laura, author.
Night witches : the untold story of Soviet women in combat
Myles, Bruce, 1942-
The elements of eloquence : secrets of the perfect English phrase
Forsyth, Mark, author.
A guide to falling down in public : finding balance on and off the bicycle
Kurmaskie, Joe, author.
Iron kin
Scott, M. J. (Melanie Joy), 1971- author.
Healing after loss : daily meditations for working through grief
Hickman, Martha Whitmore, 1925-
Heat : adventures in the world's fiery places
Streever, Bill, author.
Intended for evil : a survivor's story of love, faith, and courage in the Cambodian killing fields
Sillars, Les, 1967- author.
New Southern cooking
Dupree, Nathalie.
Logavina Street : life and death in a Sarajevo neighborhood
Demick, Barbara.
Get it done : from procrastination to creative genius in 15 minutes a day
Bennett, Sam, 1967- author.
Fire Protection Systems
Jones, A. Maurice
Transfer : poems
Nye, Naomi Shihab.
Words under the words : selected poems
Nye, Naomi Shihab.
Fuel : poems
Nye, Naomi Shihab.
Red suitcase : poems
Nye, Naomi Shihab.
Wraiths of the broken land
Zahler, S. Craig.
Journey through ash and smoke
Messner, Kate, author.
Baker, Mishell, author.
Falling into the mob
Zousmer, Steve, author.
Me and Marvin Gardens
King, A. S. (Amy Sarig), 1970- author.
Wait for me
Leech, Caroline, author.
A perfect view
Doerrfeld, Cori, author, illustrator.
Mrs. Pargeter's public relations
Brett, Simon, author.
Pale guardian
Hambly, Barbara, author.
Our very own dog
McCardie, Amanda, author.
The book thief [special anniversary edition]
Zusak, Markus.
Michael Vey : fall of Hades
Evans, Richard Paul, author.
Doctor Who, the tenth doctor. Vol 4, The endless song
Abadzis, Nick, author.
The altogether unexpected disappearance of Atticus Craftsman : a novel
Sánchez, Mamen, 1971- author.
All stories are love stories : a novel
Percer, Elizabeth, author.
The confectioner's tale : a novel of Paris
Madeleine, Laura, author.
Duff, Hilary, 1987-
Doctor Who. The Ninth Doctor, Vol. 1. Weapons of past destruction
Scott, Cavan, author.
Roman Dirge's Lenore. Purple nurples
Dirge, Roman.
Doctor Who, the Tenth Doctor. Vol 2, The weeping angels of Mons
Morrison, Robbie, author.
Lenore. Cooties
Dirge, Roman.
Seraph of the end. Vampire reign. 10
Kagami, Takaya, 1979- author.
Seraph of the end. Vampire reign. 9
Kagami, Takaya, author.
The story of life : a first book about evolution
Barr, Catherine, author.
Edward gets messy
Meade, Rita, author.
Can one balloon make an elephant fly?
Richards, Dan, 1966-
The Nian monster
Wang, Andrea, author.
You are not a cat!
Flake, Sharon, author.
The last good girl
Leotta, Allison, author.
Tell the truth, shame the devil : a novel
Marchetta, Melina, 1965- author.
Break in case of emergency
Winter, Jessica, author.
Magic binds
Andrews, Ilona, author.
The whispering city
Moliner, Sara, author.
The other slavery : the uncovered story of Indian enslavement in America
Reséndez, Andrés, author.
The boy who escaped paradise
Lee, J. M., author.
An American genocide : the United States and the California Indian catastrophe, 1846-1873
Madley, Benjamin, author.
The alliance : a novel
Petersheim, Jolina, author.
Cooking with Mary Berry.
Berry, Mary, 1935- author.
Plant craft : 30 projects that add natural style to your home
Atkinson, Caitlin, author.
The careful undressing of love
Haydu, Corey Ann, author.
Fire color one
Valentine, Jenny, author.
Loving vs. Virginia : a documentary novel of the Landmark Civil Rights case
Powell, Patricia Hruby, 1951- author.
Right behind you : a novel
Gardner, Lisa, author.
Roby, Kimberla Lawson, author.
Crafting alliances
Cube Kid (Author of fan fiction) author.
Agnes and Clarabelle
Griffin, Adele, author.
The prisoner
Berenson, Alex, author.
Sloan, Holly Goldberg, 1958- author.
The Dark Days pact
Goodman, Alison, author.
Warrior bronze
Paver, Michelle, author.
My husband's wife
Corry, Jane, author.
The crooked sixpence
Bell, Jennifer, 1985- author.
Rather be the devil : a novel
Rankin, Ian, author.
Trans : a memoir
Jacques, Juliet, author.
The performance of becoming human
Borzutzky, Daniel, author.
Not your sidekick
Lee, C. B., author.
Preston, Natasha, author.
People's republic
Muchamore, Robert.
Arizona heat
Miller, Linda Lael, author.
The Asperkid's--secret--book of social rules : the handbook of not-so-obvious social guidelines for tweens and teens with Asperger syndrome
O'Toole, Jennifer Cook.
Xanth by two
Anthony, Piers.
Daughters of the West
Seagraves, Anne.
Spirit wars : Native North American religions in the age of nation building
Niezen, Ronald.
Merely : a tiny meerkat's long journey home
Davis, Cate, author.
Criminal code of Oregon.
Cross of vengeance
Harrison, Cora, author.
My American duchess
James, Eloisa, author.
Are you an echo? : the lost poetry of Misuzu Kaneko
Kaneko, Misuzu, author.
North, south, east, west
Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952, author.
Train I ride
Mosier, Paul, author.
Take heart, my child : a mother's dream
Earhardt, Ainsley, author.
Plant the tiny seed
Matheson, Christie, author, illustrator.
Death ship
Kelly, Jim, 1957- author.
The very smart pea and the princess-to-be
Grey, Mini.
Nature's temples : the complex world of old-growth forests
Maloof, Joan, 1956- author.
Alimentación sana para vivir mejor : la biblia detox: las 150 recetas que cuidan tu salud
Simpson, Lily, author.
El águila y el quetzal : Centroamérica : de la conquista al plan de prosperidad del triángulo norte
Vidal Manzanares, César, 1958- author.
El código de la inteligencia : cómo formar mentes brillantes en busca de la excelencia emocional y profesional
Cury, Augusto, author.
El gran libro de los zumos
Pawassar, Irina, author.
La dieta de la longevidad : recetas y consejos para vivir más y mejor
Kié, Laure, author.
Menos es más : cómo ordenar, organizar y simplificar tu casa y tu vida
Jay, Francine, author.
Nail art
Souchka, author.
Nunca olvides la misericordia de dios
Eden, Dawn, 1968- author.
Objetivo rejuvenecer : descubre las 7 claves para conseguirlo
Giménez-Cuenca, Carmen, author.
Sueños sin límites : en la silla de Morfeo
Tenenbaum, Alan, 1982- author.
Antes de la caída
Hawley, Noah, author.
Cuchillo de agua
Bacigalupi, Paolo, author.
Después de ti
Moyes, Jojo, 1969- author.
Pérez-Reverte, Arturo, author.
La novena
Serrano, Marcela, 1951- author.
Las noches de flores
Aira, César, 1949- author.
Nieto, Ana B. (Belén), 1978- author.
Mar abierta
Gudín, María, author.
Recetas para amar y matar
Andrew, Sally, author.
Steel, Danielle, author.
Yo antes de ti
Moyes, Jojo, 1969- author.
Beekeeping for dummies
Blackiston, Howland.
The Swamp Fox : how Francis Marion saved the American Revolution
Oller, John, author.
Allegedly : a novel
Jackson, Tiffany D., author.
O'Connor, Barbara, author.
Otter loves Easter!
Garton, Sam, author, illustrator.
Five little ducks
Dean, James, author, illustrator.
Frederick Douglass : the lion who wrote history
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-2014.
How to draw sci-fi utopias and dystopias : create the futuristic humans, aliens, robots, vehicles, and cities of your dreams and nightmares
Rollins, Prentis, author.
Moebius library : the world of Edena
Moebius, 1938-2012, author, illustrator.
How to be a bigger bunny
Minor, Florence, author.
Books for living
Schwalbe, Will, author.
I hate everyone, except you
Kelly, Clinton, author.
Success and luck : good fortune and the myth of meritocracy
Frank, Robert H., author.
Under water, under earth
Mizielińska, Aleksandra, author
Chasing shadows : visions of our coming transparent world
Fatal : a novel
Lescroart, John T., author.
Clownfish blues
Dorsey, Tim, author.
Death's mistress : sister of darkness
Goodkind, Terry, author.
Super simple farm projects : fun & easy animal environment activities
Bernhardt, Carolyn, author.
Mouse house
Godden, Rumer, 1907-1998, author.
The final day
Forstchen, William R. author.
Wizard and glass
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
Pretty guardian sailor moon. 3
Takeuchi, Naoko.
Pretty guardian Sailor Moon. 5
Takeuchi, Naoko.
Pretty guardian Sailor Moon. 10
Takeuchi, Naoko.
Pretty guardian Sailor Moon. 8
Takeuchi, Naoko.
New small garden : contemporary principles, planting and practice
Kingsbury, Noël, author.
For the most beautiful : a novel of the women of Troy
Hauser, Emily (Fiction writer), author.
Three years with the rat
Hosking, Jay, author.
The trouble with mistletoe : a Heartbreaker Bay novel
Shalvis, Jill, author.
Burma : rivers of flavor
Duguid, Naomi.
Other minds : the octopus, the sea, and the deep origins of consciousness
Godfrey-Smith, Peter.
Smith, Patti.
Long live the queen : magnificent tales of misadventure
Swallow, Gerry, author.
The storm whale in winter
Davies, Benji, author, illustrator.
Brown, Alton, 1962- author.
America the anxious : how our pursuit of happiness is creating a nation of nervous wrecks
Whippman, Ruth, author.
Birds, art, life : a year of observation
Maclear, Kyo, 1970- author.
Debriefing the president : the interrogation of Saddam Hussein
Nixon, John (Middle East expert), author.
Everything is possible : finding the faith and courage to follow your dreams
Bricker, Jen, 1987- author.
A new way to dinner : a playbook of recipes and strategies for the week ahead
Hesser, Amanda, author.
His father's son : the life of General Ted Roosevelt Jr.
Brady, Tim, 1955- author.
I loved her in the movies : memories of Hollywood's legendary actresses
Wagner, Robert, 1930- author.
In the great green room : the brilliant and bold life of Margaret Wise Brown
Gary, Amy author.
Kathy Griffin's celebrity run-ins : my A-Z index
Griffin, Kathy, 1960- author.
The thieves of Threadneedle Street : the incredible true story of the American forgers who nearly broke the Bank of England
Booth, Nicholas, author.
The unnatural world : the race to remake civilization in Earth's newest age
Biello, David, author.
Urban forests : a natural history of trees in the American cityscape
Jonnes, Jill, 1952- author.
The United Nations : a very short introduction
Hanhimaki, Jussi M., 1965- author.
Boosting your immunity for dummies
Warner, Wendy.
SketchUp 2014 for dummies
Chopra, Aidan, author.
Mission to Pluto : the first visit to an ice dwarf and the Kuiper belt
Carson, Mary Kay, author.
Follow me!
Sandall, Ellie, author, illustrator.
The believer : a novel
Zander, Joakim, author.
Class : a novel
Rosenfeld, Lucinda, author.
Night of fire : a novel
Thubron, Colin, 1939- author.
The winter in Anna : a novel
Karaim, Reed, author.
Rabbit magic
McLaren, Meg, author, illustrator.
Zoo day
Rockwell, Anne F., author.
Cat knit
Grant, Jacob, 1984- author.
Fantastic beasts and where to find them : the beasts : cinematic guide
Baker, Felicity, author.
Young Scrooge : a very scary Christmas story
Stine, R. L., author.
Doctor Who, the Eleventh Doctor. Vol. 2, Serve you
Ewing, Al, author.
Lost in the jungle
Mann, Greyson, author.
When lava strikes
Mann, Greyson, author.
Bleach. Volumes 4-5-6
Kubo, Tite.
Kang, Lydia, author.
Soul eater. 1
Ōkubo, Atsushi.
Wandering star : a zodiac novel
Russell, Romina, author.
Revenge of the red knight
Hering, Marianne.
Secret of the prince's tomb
Hering, Marianne.
Showdown with the shepherd
Hering, Marianne.
Surprise at Yorktown
Hering, Marianne, author.
A thunderous whisper
Gonzalez, Christina Diaz, 1969-
Trouble on the orphan train
Hering, Marianne, author.
Voyage with the Vikings
Hering, Marianne.
Attack in the arena
Hering, Marianne.
Battle for Cannibal Island
Hering, Marianne.
Captured on the high seas
Hering, Marianne, author.
Danger on a silent night
Hering, Marianne, author.
Doomsday in Pompeii
Hering, Marianne, author.
Quest for justice : an unofficial Minecraft-fan adventure
Wolfe, Sean Fay, 1997- author.
The new order
Wolfe, Sean Fay, 1997- author.
Escape to the hiding place
Hering, Marianne.
Hunt for the devil's dragon
Hering, Marianne.
Marvelous Mattie : how Margaret E. Knight became an inventor
McCully, Emily Arnold.
Peril in the palace
Hering, Marianne.
Browne, Anthony.
Problems in Plymouth
Hering, Marianne.
The Redcoats are coming!
Hering, Marianne, author.
Audacity : how Barack Obama defied his critics and created a legacy that will prevail
Chait, Jonathan, author.
Epic bike rides of the world : explore the plant's most thrilling cycling routes.
The happiest mommy you know : why putting your kids first is the last thing you should do
Brown, Genevieve Shaw, author.
A poet's Dublin
Boland, Eavan, author, photographer.
True crime : a Nathan Heller novel
Collins, Max Allan.
Stolen away : a Nathan Heller novel
Collins, Max Allan.
Damned in paradise
Collins, Max Allan, author.
Assault and beret
McKinlay, Jenn, author.
The house husband
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Hidden : a Mitchum story
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Double plum
Evanovich, Janet, author.
Jeep. 60th anniversary since 1941 : the unstoppable legend
Brown, Arch.
The history of snow survey and water supply forecasting : interviews with U.S. Department of Agriculture pioneers
How to meditate
Roland, Paul.
The kitchen table book : 1,427 kitchen cures and pantry potions for just about every health and household problem
Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang
Coe, Victoria J., author.
Power game
Feehan, Christine, author.
Horimiya. 06
Hero (Manga author) author.
Out of the wreck I rise : a literary companion to recovery
Steinberg, Neil, compiler.
The boy who drew birds : a story of John James Audubon
Davies, Jacqueline, 1962-
In fear of the spear
Hering, Marianne, author.
Pete's dragon
Walker, Landry Q. (Landry Quinn) author.
Ellen DeGeneres : television comedian and gay rights activist
Shoup, Kate, 1972- author.
Jennifer Lawrence : Academy Award-winning actress
Beauregarde, Madelyn, author.
City of saints & thieves
Anderson, Natalie C., author.
The murderer's ape
Wegelius, Jakob, author.
The legendary Miss Lena Horne
Weatherford, Carole Boston, 1956- author.
Long, Ethan, author, illustrator.
Get well soon, Spot
Hill, Eric, 1927-2014, author.
The you I've never known
Hopkins, Ellen, author.
Kingdom of ash and briars
West, Hannah, 1990- author.
Days without end : a novel
Barry, Sebastian, 1955- author.
Music for love or war
Burke, Martyn, 1952- author.
No man's land : a novel
Tolkien, Simon, 1959- author.
The signal flame : a novel
Krivak, Andrew, author.
The new pressure cooker cookbook : 150 delicious, fast, & nutritious dishes
Brown, Ellen, author.
Raised bed revolution : build it, fill it, plant it... garden anywhere!
Nolan, Tara, 1977- author.
1636 : the Ottoman onslaught
Flint, Eric, author.
Death's end
Liu, Cixin, author.
The girl before : a novel
Delaney, J P, author.
The heart of what was lost : a novel of Osten Ard
Williams, Tad, author.
Oz, Amos, author.
The secret history of Twin Peaks
Frost, Mark, 1953- author.
The dragonsitter's party
Lacey, Josh, author.
Human rights : a very short introduction
Clapham, Andrew, author.
Inspector Colbecks casebook : thirteen tales from the railway detective
Marston, Edward, author.
The ornatrix
Howard, Kate, author.
My life, my love, my legacy
King, Coretta Scott, 1927-2006, author.
Hatching chicks in room 6
Arnold, Caroline, author, photographer.
One proud penny
Siegel, Randy, author.
Star on Stormy Mountain
Lewis, Gill, author.
A life discarded : 148 diaries found in the trash
Masters, Alexander, author.
Into white
Pink, Randi, author.
Iron cast
Soria, Destiny, author.
It's not a perfect world, but I'll take it : 50 life lessons for teens like me who are kind of (you know) autistic
Rose, Jennifer, 1959- author.
Making it right : building peace, settling conflict
Peters, Marilee, 1968- author.
Shackles from the deep : discovering the story of slavery on the seafloor
Cottman, Michael H., author.
Yo tengo razón, tú estás equivocado
De Bono, Edward, 1933- author.
Basque moon
Weston, Julie W., 1943- author.
Dance with the devil
March, J. D., author.
Homesick for another world
Moshfegh, Ottessa, author.
Agnes and Clarabelle celebrate!
Griffin, Adele, author.
An eagle in the snow
Morpurgo, Michael, author.
Spring hare
Yelchin, Eugene, author, illustrator.
The wizard's dog
Gale, Eric Kahn, 1986- author.
Stef Soto, taco queen
Torres, Jennifer, 1980- author.
Dennard, Susan, author.
Factory girl
La Valley, Josanne, author.
Blake, Elly, author.
A list of cages
Roe, Robin, author.
Joe quiere jugar
Anderson, Peggy Perry, author.
La niñera dijo «Es hora de ir a la cama»
Anderson, Peggy Perry, author.
Doctor Who. The Eighth Doctor. Vol. 1, A matter of life and death
Mann, George, author.
Doctor Who, the eleventh doctor. Vol 4, The then and the now
Spurrier, Simon, author.
Doctor Who, the tenth doctor. Vol 1, Revolutions of terror
Abadzis, Nick, author.
Big trouble
Spratt, R. A., author.
Danny and the dinosaur and the girl next door
Hale, Bruce, author.
My kite is stuck! and other stories
Yoon, Salina, author, illustrator.
Frontier grit : the unlikely true stories of daring pioneer women
Monson, Marianne, 1975- author.
Rodale's 21st-century herbal : a practical guide for healthy living using nature's most powerful plants
Balick, Michael J., 1952-
Herobrine's war : an unofficial minecrafter's adventure
Cheverton, Mark, author.
The heiress and the chauffeur. 1
Ishihara, Keiko, author, illustrator.
Malala Yousafzai : teenage education activist who defied the Taliban
Small, Cathleen, author.
Taylor Swift : pop music superstar
Spence, Kelly, author.
The nowhere man
Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew, author.
Undefeated : Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football team
Sheinkin, Steve, author.
Dead feminists : historic heroines in living color
O'Leary, Chandler, author, illustrator.
Dropping acid : the reflux diet cookbook & cure
Koufman, Jamie.
The nonprofit board answer book : a practical guide for board members and chief executives.
Nourish : the paleo healing cookbook : easy yet flavorful recipes that fight autoimmune illnesses, from Celiac disease and arthritis, to multiple sclerosis and more
Bryant, Rachael (Food blogger), author.
The runaway
O'Hearn, Kate, author.
Gnawing around
Colleen, Marcie, author.
Cameras : how they work, film, digital, filters, effects
Oxlade, Chris, author.
Pokémon adventures. Emerald. Volume 28
Kusaka, Hidenori, author.
Robot revolution
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Curious George and the sleepover
Perez, Monica, author.
The secret diary of Raven Queen
Alexander, Heather, 1967- author.
Ignite your spark : discovering who you are from the inside out
Wooster, Patricia, author.
Howard, A. G. (Anita G.) author.
Stone mirrors : the sculpture and silence of Edmonia Lewis
Atkins, Jeannine, 1953- author.
A history of civilization in 50 disasters
Eaton, Gale, 1947- author.
A history of civilization in 50 disasters
Eaton, Gale, author.
Madrid : la novela
Gómez Rufo, Antonio, author.
México Cristero
Basañez Loyola, Alejandro, 1965- author.
The promise
Weisgarber, Ann, author.
The Librarians and the lost lamp
Cox, Greg, 1959- author.
The Ripper's shadow : a Victorian mystery
Rowland, Laura Joh, author.
Seraph of the end, vampire reign. 11
Kagami, Takaya, 1979- author.
Champagne baby : how one Parisian learned to love wine-and life-the American way
Dugas, Laure, author.
How to survive a plague : the inside story of how citizens and science tamed AIDS
France, David, author.
The entrepreneur roller coaster : why now is the time to #jointheride
Hardy, Darren, author.
Talking as fast as I can : from Gilmore girls to Gilmore girls (and everything in between)
Graham, Lauren, 1967- author.
The return : fathers, sons and the land in between
Matar, Hisham, 1970- author.
Flying couch : a graphic memoir
Kurzweil, Amy, author, illustrator.
Bears make the best reading buddies
Oliver, Carmen, author.
Molly and Pim and the millions of stars
Murray, Martine, author.
The silver locomotive mystery
Marston, Edward.
Timetable of death
Marston, Edward, author.
Storm front : a novel of the Dresden files
Butcher, Jim, 1971-
Dead and breakfast : a Merry Ghost Inn mystery
Kingsbury, Kate, author.
Blood on the line
Marston, Edward.
An Irish country wedding
Taylor, Patrick, 1941-
The dry
Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth), author.
Signal for vengeance
Marston, Edward, author.
Peril on the royal train
Marston, Edward.
Beach baby
Elmquist, Laurie, author.
Hippo has a hat
Donaldson, Julia, author.
The little pea
Battut, Éric.
Sophie Quire and the last Storyguard
Auxier, Jonathan, author.
Andrew drew and drew
Saltzberg, Barney.
Butterfly Park
MacKay, Elly, author, illustrator.
Brain food
Snider, Brandon T., author.
Brains and the beanstalk
Auerbach, Annie, author.
The ARRL general class license manual for ham radio : all you need to pass your general class exam!
Silver, H. Ward.
Ludlow, Jack, 1944- author.
Houghton, Jude, author.
Religion and spirituality in America : the ultimate teen guide
Gay, Kathlyn.
Cars go
Light, Steve, author, illustrator.
The goat who chewed too much
Angleberger, Tom, author.
Whole bowls : complete gluten-free and vegetarian meals to power your day
Day, Allison, author.
Three days in January : Dwight Eisenhower's final mission
Baier, Bret, author.
Social security 101 : from medicare to spousal benefits, an essential primer on government retirement aid
Mill, Alfred, author.
The Mayo Clinic diet.
Game changers : the unsung heroines of sports history
Schiot, Molly, author.
The downsized veggie garden : how to garden small wherever you live, whatever your space
Copsey, Kate, author.
Bad girls throughout history : 100 remarkable women who changed the world
Shen, Ann, author.
A blind guide to normal
Vrabel, Beth, author.
Horrible Harry and the battle of the bugs
Kline, Suzy, author.
All the dirt : a history of getting clean
Ashenburg, Katherine, author.
Carve the mark
Roth, Veronica, author.
Mallory McDonald, super sitter
Friedman, Laurie B., 1964- author.
Two if by sea : delicious sustainable seafood
Seaver, Barton, author.
Secret origins
Riley, James, 1977- author.
Eleanor Roosevelt : the war years and after : volume three, 1939-1962
Cook, Blanche Wiesen, author.
Pathfinders : the journeys of 16 extraordinary Black souls
Bolden, Tonya, author.
Hemingway, three angels, and me : a novel
Antil, Jerome Mark, author.
Detective Gordon : a complicated case
Nilsson, Ulf, 1948- author.
War diaries, 1939-1945
Lindgren, Astrid, 1907-2002, author.
Plants vs. zombies. Lawnmageddon
Tobin, Paul, 1965- author.
Women with controlling partners : taking back your life from a manipulative or abusive partner
Lambert, Carol A., author.